USA: California Governor legalizes INFANTICIDE up to 28 days after birth!

Editor’s Note: This crime was enabled by all those who refuse to recognize Pope Benedict XVI as the Pope, and all those who refuse to vote for a Christian Party in California, like Catholic Party for America. Don’t blame the Governor, he is just the merit for your sins of omission!

2 thoughts on “USA: California Governor legalizes INFANTICIDE up to 28 days after birth!”

  1. Fire from Heaven should start falling there anytime now.
    We knew California was self-cursed; now it is damned.
    Mene, Tekel, Uparsin —
    “Come out of her my people!”

  2. Always thought he looked like ‘The Joker Card’ in my new decks of Bicycles. Satanic all the way and it is no joke. They’re already trying to normalize Child Molestation and grooming them with ‘Sexual Confusion/Delusion’ with CRT Racism and exposing them to all kinds of porn. Next, they’re going to legalize MURDER for all children up to the age of the majority simply through speaking with a pediatrician and simply saying, “I no longer want my child and IT’S BY BODY AND MY CHOICE.”

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