5 thoughts on “Electric Cars are Not Environmentally Friendly to Sea Water”

  1. Dig a hole and bury them…EV’s ARE NOT THE ANSWER IN ANY CAPACITY beyond making those already wealthy MORE WEALTHY AND IN CONTROL PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION OF PRODUCTS AND GOODS and MOBILITY. Beyond ‘Fire Hazards, and the components/materials highly TOXIC TO MINE, they do not operate well in either heat or cold and when stressed with more challenging weight in cargo payload, more time is required to charge than it’s possible to drive.

  2. How can one watch this and actually want to buy one?

    What is the high-information reader’s assessment of hybrid cars- the same “don’t manufacture or buy them”?

  3. Moving and building something that is twice as heavy as already existing things, can’t be economical (in the broader sence this includes damages to the environment).

  4. When I was in high school, (built 1908) in the Chemistry lab there were old shelves of bottled exhibits of various elements. There was a large cube of pure Lithium in a bottle otherwise filled with kerosine. I asked the teacher why that was, and she said that pure Lithium was so dangerous that it would spontaneously burst into super-hot flames if it were exposed to air, and water wouldn’t put it out. I never forgot that, and wondered about the safety of Lithium batteries as soon as I first heard of them.

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