Father Leon Pereira, O. P. condemns the Bergoglian Pontificate & Synods

Editor’s Note: Turn up the volume and get ready to hear a true son of Dominic breath fire!

Transcription here:

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One thought on “Father Leon Pereira, O. P. condemns the Bergoglian Pontificate & Synods”

  1. Ok. Wonderful, but isnt this homily simply a downstream version of Cardinal Mueller and Abp. Schneider? Subtlety and diplomacy have a place, but despite turning up my device’s volume I was disappointed that this dominican – dog of God – faild to bite deeply enough to inflict anything but a a passing annoyance to the aggressors. He did not use his pulpit, to increase his volume and , which it seems as a priest and shepherd of souls – fulfill his duty to explicitly name the not only heretic but usurper. These are the customary “sparks” that keep good-willed hopium addicts paralyzed and vulnerable. What this clip painfully omits comes later when the sparks are once again extinguished when he – probably concelebrating – offers Mass “in union with our Pope, Francis” . If these observations are unfair, please correct me. I feel a need for a Savonarola refresher.

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