5 thoughts on “Sister Lucia Santos’ final message to the world, 1957”

  1. Recently, I have come across some prophecies mainly about the fate of Europe. They started from the 4th century until today, but came by anonymous and little known people. For example: Alois Arlmaier, Gottfried Von Werdenberg, Bernhard Rembold Wessel, among others. I think it corroborates a lot with the message of Fatima.

  2. How could they choose not to open it in order not to be influenced by it, if they were devoted to the BVM and it was for them? I just don’t get that.

    Russia the instrument.
    Devil waging decisive battle.
    Do Penance.
    Reform oneself to save self and others in one’s path.
    Last times of the world.
    – with or against God, victory or defeat
    – Devotion to Rosary and Imm Heart of Mary ( no other ones)
    – all other remedies have been exhausted and our Lord as her son will not permit us to offend His Mother.
    New efficacy of the Holy Rosary
    Save, sanctify, self and others through prayer, sacrifice and the Rosary
    Seat of goodness, mercy, pardon and sure door to enter heaven = Imm Heart

    The above is the first part of the message and the second refers to the Holy Father.
    What are the specifics re the Holy Father? Is it written and recorded somewhere?

    1. I think she only repeated what she was told, to prevent her from concluding that they already decided to betray Our Lady.

  3. I believe the Sister Lucy, post 1960, is an impostor. The same masonic infiltrators that gave us Bergoglio, most likely silenced her for fear she would reveal the Third Secret after it was apparent the pope would not do so in 1960. What is your opinion, Brother?


    1. When this controversy originally cropped up, I went to the online necrology of the Order of Carmel and found her death listed in 1958. And when I asked the webmaster to confirm that, he erased it saying, “Of course it must be a mistake”.

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