3 thoughts on “Bergoglian Commie-tsar is shaking down the Canons of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome”

  1. 1) what are Canons 2) what do they”do” ?
    Isn’t St Mary Major the church whose ceiling is panelled by the first galleon-full of gold from the New World, donated to the Church by the King of Spain?
    Watch Francis angle to “renovate, & remove it to give to the poor” (= himself).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is quietly “de-accessioning” & selling artefacts from the Vatican museums.

    1. A Canon is a cleric who is made a member of the clergy whose ancient duty was to recite the divine office and celebrate the sacraments at the Basilica. Some of them have residence there too, while others are just honorary. Most of them are very elderly and very learned men.

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