USA: Biden Regime is now arresting Jews, who stand against the holocaust of abortion

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3 thoughts on “USA: Biden Regime is now arresting Jews, who stand against the holocaust of abortion”

  1. The situation of Terri Schindler Schiavo I remember well.

    My godmother, sister of my mother, was starved to death as well,
    with the nursing home lying that she could not swallow anymore and therefore did no longer receive water and food.
    And she gets morphine against the pain.
    I had demanded a glass to give her water. It was refused.
    Then I filled a sponge that they used to wet her lips well with water and cautiously, softly placed it into her mouth.
    A clear swallow movement was visible.
    After that weekend I contacted the Inspection. He called the home and mentioned to me that they told him that there was nothing wrong with her swallowing and that every half hour
    she got offered liquid and food. I told him he was lied to.
    Strange that he did not even go and check on her.
    Then I biked to the home and demanded a glass of water for her. It was refused and then I almost exploded. ‘You lied to the inspection’ Then they made the director come. We had a verbal fight and I told this tall man ‘hands off’ when he tried to push me away. He also said that he would deny me entrance.
    I said: you will have to go to court for that.
    Then we looked in each others eyes, and he backed off.
    Back home I faxed a message to the Court demanding custody of her, instead of her son, who just believed those lies.
    The next morning we got the message she had passed away.
    She was murdered in a nursing home.
    It is like post-natal abortion.
    It is a cruel death, made up by psychopaths.
    About four years later this was done as well to my mother,
    who was in a much better condition than her younger sibling.
    She had fallen into the claws of some psychopaths, and it still hurts tremendously that I was unable to get her out of these claws:
    it was a fight with my siblings and the psychopath MD in the institution where she was illegally abducted to by her mentally ill youngest children (partners) and grandchildren against her and my will.
    She too got murdered that gruesome way.

    1. I have suspicions a relative of mine was murdered, for when the family rejected the suggestion of euthanasia under the name of pallative care, a nurse came and insisted on giving the relative a shot, and within 24 she went into a coma like awake state and died 3 days later.

      1. If they are determined to get someone out of the way, they will find a way.
        In the case of the godmother: I spoke to a priest who regularly went there: he said: I just get tolerated by this non-denominational institute, so I have no influence there.
        And concerning our mother: once a nurse agreed to go and see her there for homecare. Unfortunately she had announced her visit, and when she got there, my mother was in a laugh kick: since that never happened before or after that, it is clear that she had been injected with some stuff by this ‘MD’.
        My mother was betrayed by her 5 youngest children, of whom an MD and 2 highly qualified nurses……. and by her GP, a classmate of me from secondary education, and later a university mate.

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