9 thoughts on “USA: NIH has developed mosquito born vaccines (no joke)”

  1. I suppose this would have a localised effect if the globalist want to avoid being vaccinated with whatever vaccine they want everyone else to recieve.

  2. Time to pursue the ‘Treasonous/Predatory’ willing to do anything to genocide, torment, tyrannize and ENSLAVE ‘The People’ they view as THEIR HUMAN HERD as in the ‘Dark Ages’ under Sociopathic Kings, Queens, Aristocracy.

  3. Mosquito can drink blood, thus storing samples of these nanotech in their body.

    Biting another host will let them spread the nanotech.

  4. not the nih but bill genocide is behind this: he already terrorizes Florida with innumerable gmo-mosquito’s and who knows where else.
    One could bar them from entering a house, by barring the windows with fabric shields, but how to avoid them outside is the big question. Citronella oil?? Vit. B complex forte? Lavender? (or is that just good vs normal mosquito’s?)

    1. Fortunately mosquitos have a short life, during the stage in which they fly about and suck blood. And most towns in Florida spray a chemical to ward them off in the air. Even in Italy I have seen such vehicles.

      1. Would we, humans, not inhale these chemicals you mention as well?

        Btw: recently a very interesting article about how to fight cancer naturally appeared on ‘herstelderepubliek.nl:
        with (organic) lemons: this way: you put them in the freezer
        and then grate the skin while they are still frozen and consume the grate in salads or so. It is like a natural chemotherapy…. they write.
        The article is here available on paper, but I will ask the
        helper to mail it to me, so I can forward it to anyone.
        In my opinion it was a convincing article.

      2. Mosquito spray can be inhaled because it it not released as a gas, but as a vapor of chemical drops which are microscopic. In the USA, when the town sprays its streets with these chemicals they used to warn citizens to say inside for at least an hour afterwards, but now they just spray very early in the morning when only a few people might have the imprudence to be jogging on the streets, say at 4 am, and give no warning, other than perhaps some notice on their town website.

  5. These scientific “geniuses” might want to reconsider their selection of new toys. They just keep listening to that hissing serpent, ” Ye shall be as godssssssss.”

    It seems likely that attempts to circumvent the God-given gift of free will is a sure path straight to hell.

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