VATICAN hosts conference condemning Pandemic-Deniers for Global-Warming!

Editor’s Note: I post this for all those godless Catholics who attend mass in communion with Bergoglio, and who excuse it by saying, “It does not matter who is the pope”.

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16 thoughts on “VATICAN hosts conference condemning Pandemic-Deniers for Global-Warming!”

  1. Don’t care what the homo-heretical Idolators worshiping Pachamama once requiring ‘Live Human Sacrifice’, now leading the Catholic Church say or do any longer. They get NOTHING from me or anybody I know beyond whatever is LAUNDERED from U.S. taxpayers through Illegal Insurgency at the U.S. southern border and THAT IS MORE THAN THEY DESERVE. The only appropriate behavior towards the Anti-Pope and all his Acolytes is SYSTEMATIC IGNORING FROM LAITY AND ONE’S BACK.

  2. I repeat.

    7 billion people on Earth.
    1.3 billion are Catholics (not all practising I accept).

    The Satanic Cabal would never have got away with their pandemic/jab scam without the full support of their man in the Vatican.

    BTW. Did not Bergoglio cancel the pensions of jab refuseniks in the Vatican City? How are these people surviving?

    1. I do not know how they are surviving. Italians when they suffer rarely let on to anyone their suffering. Countless Italians loss their jobs in this scam. I am not aware of how many have them back. I know one Italian who had to turn the heat and gas off in his house. His family at Rome will spend this winter in an unheated apartment. And he is a highly educated and trained worker. But they wont let him work unless he accepts the Scamdemic lies.

    2. Jesus will provide to His sheep.

      Remember Jesus multiplied the loaves and the fish for those faithful who followed Him.

      Should Jesus leave those who remained faithful to Him starved and in duress? I think not.

    1. Why do you want to go to Mass? To stand with Christ at the Foot of the Cross, to celebrate with Him the Liturgy of Heaven, to unite with Him in Holy Communion: you cannot do this at a mass with intentional deniers of the gospel or intentional deniers of the true pope, His Vicar. So you are exempt if you have no such place known to you within an hour of travel from your home. I know an Italian who talks to priests every week to convince them to return to the Catholic Faith in communion with the true pope. He has been doing this for 2 years. He shows that he is truly looking to return to Mass. Most others I know lament about it. I spend 6 hours traveling on Sunday just to find such a Mass. What have you done? — (This is a rhetorical question, to spark your conscience and self-reflection)

      1. It’s a rhetorical question, but if it gives you any comfort, I contacted my bishop months ago to tell him I believe Bergoglio is an antipope, as well as other very important things of similar gravity. I am certainly ready to speak to priests in my area about it.

      2. Then in the present climate in the Church, that means that he does not recognize Bergoglio, and thus is not in schism from Christ.

  3. If the true pope was recognized by the world, and he had his true place at the head of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, he would not have pushed this WEF charade of mandating the Covid shots on his parishioners.

    Bergoglio’s recent communications about wanting a universal salary for all and condemning the people that refused the jab shows just who this imposter pope answers to. Time for the imposter pope to leave the seat!

  4. The fundamental flaw in Mr Pentin’s NCR article is that he appears to consider “Pope Francis” as the true Holy Father. But NCR is part of the EWTN network and, therefore, “in the back pocket” of the disastrous USCCB which is obedient to the Bergoglian anti-papacy. Here in England, near London, I encounter very, very few Catholics who see Bergoglio for the imposter/freemason/marxist that he is. And this is just the first of three huge psychological “hurdles” that the vast majority of Catholics cannot, or will not, overcome – the other two being the ‘Novus Ordo’ “Mass” and the Second Vatican Council. It is beyond question that all three have done incalculable spiritual damage over the last six decades…….!!

    1. You should not be surprised at the level of mind control at London, where the big lie of the Anglican Church opened the doors to the Hell that St. Thomas Moore warned about, the cutting down of all laws of morality. We human beings are physical creatures in part, and so when we are born inside a societal-cultural matrix which is founded on big lies, it can be psychologically challenging, shocking or even impossible for a mind to break free to the truth. This culture of lies is the civilization of the Antichrist. That is why in the past good pastors told us not to read bad books. Today we have to extend that to all social media, tv, and especially the voices of nearly all politicians and leaders. This is why I recommend to all to purchase books containing the writing by saints printed before 1950 or in pre 1950 editions reprinted. We need to return to a life of truth by first learning what the world of truth once was. That is why I have urged for nearly 4 years, the Crusader Option. But alas, the minds of men are already too enslaved by lies and bound to chains of dependency to see it and take action.

  5. For those few who truly and sincerely seek God, Jesus Christ will set them free from all chains.

    But for the others, which will be the majority, He tells us in His Word that in the latter days, He will give them over to strong delusion. (I can’t remember the exact scripture. Perhaps you could help me out there, Brother Alexis?)

    We are certainly seeing that worked out in these latter days, when so many people become so fixated on a certain reality that they will not entertain any arguments to the contrary.

    Once upon a time, you could have a civil discussion with someone whose viewpoint was different from your own. Now, if you try to present facts to people, it becomes a screaming match.

    I’m not an expert, but to me this seems indicative of deep-seated brainwashing, very likely through television and other media. But I can’t get anyone –even Christians– to throw their TV sets out. I’ve tried.

    I have stopped trying to wake people up, I just sit back and watch Revelation unfold. If the time of the Antichrist is at hand, I don’t think there’s much we can do to stop it. Just be around to point people to Christ. “Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it…” But those who seek God will surely find Him.

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