Massive Corruption in the Russian Recruits’ Equipment Purchases

Editor’s Note: Airsoft equipment is for paintball fights. It would no more protect you from a bullet than hanging an over done omlet on your chest, or strapping on a Pizza.

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3 thoughts on “Massive Corruption in the Russian Recruits’ Equipment Purchases”

  1. Reminds me of Pogo Possum saying in the 1960’s,
    “We have met the enemy, — and they are us!”

    1. Must pity the poor young men not wanting to be in Ukraine in the first place and then having crap equipment to oppose that of the west. Were I a Russian Soldier, I’d turn, end the fighting by putting-down weapons and go to the Ukrainians. Then, until the war is over; spend the rest of my time in the Ukraine or Finland or some other western country.

  2. I hope that Venezuelan army is even worse.

    The only reason I don’t see any american
    Military intervention in Venezuela is the
    stupidity and corruption of Mr Biden.

    Or maybe gratitude for the botched
    Ballots counting software that gave him
    The victory over Pres. D. TRUMP

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