National Institute of Health: Eating insects is highly dangerous for humans

Why is this important, now?

Well, take a look….

AND REMEMBER, children who get infested with insect parasites today, are long term customers of BigPharma tomorrow. — Wait for the mRNA vaccine to cure them of parasites: they will be happy and own nothing, because they will be in the grave before they get a job!

7 thoughts on “National Institute of Health: Eating insects is highly dangerous for humans”

  1. Since the Gene Editing Serum POISONING the population is KNOWN to be unsafe for consumption, why would anybody consider unsafe insects to be removed from the U.S. menu? FITS PERFECTELY WITH PLANS OF DEPOPULATION for the Eugenicists.

  2. The chitin in insects is indigestible, aside from the danger of parasites.
    Didn’t the organic whole-foods fitness-health-worshiping crowd tell us to stay away from processed foods?!
    Insect based foods have to be the most processed foods on earth. Betcha Bill Gates and the other elites don’t eat this cr*p.

  3. In the Netherlands last week in the Province of Overijssel, 100 elementary schools forced their students to eat insects.

    The schoolleadership must be mentally ill and taken out of office.

    If you were no vegetarian yet, you would become one out of fear.

  4. As i read the articles viewed the videos pasted below, several from 9 years ago, I was reminded of the 10-year incrementalism tactics used to “normalize” cigarettes, hemlines, sleevelengths, and perversion in films. Past is prologue. “But they are safe, the FDA has approved them…”

    Yogurt Bugs” su YouTube

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