USA: Boston University develops Covid variant which is 80% lethal

Editor’s Note: This program was funded by the CDC under Anthony Fauci and multiple U. S. Federal agencies. They are also working on an more lethal strain of Ebola. — I think this report is either inaccurate or misinformation, because viruses don’t make people sick, but mRNA tech and snake venom does.

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6 thoughts on “USA: Boston University develops Covid variant which is 80% lethal”

  1. Why would a UNIVERSITY create on purpose something LETHAL??
    Are these reserchers mentally ill?

    This ‘creation’ should be stopped and annihilated immediately.

    The board of the university has the duty to destroy this material

    1. The CDC and Federal agencies funded it. Oh, and this center is right down town, so any “accidental” release could easily happen.

  2. According to the alleged “Time Traveller” John TITOR…
    (Who is Rick HABER, resident in FLORIDA, with links to NASA).

    1) In U.S. of America there would had been an electoral fraud,
    done by informatic hackers, that would lead to a corrupt
    unelected government…
    (Rudolph Giuliani is accusing Dominion voting machines)

    2) There would had been a military coup against this government,
    with the reinstatement of a patriotic and “USA comes first”
    goverment, composed by civilians and military.

    3) A Second Civil War would begin in the USA, with Northern
    + California states against Southern states.
    4) This II Civil War would be ended by a nuclear attack done
    by Russian and Chinese, specially against coastal cities
    (those with an overwhelming majority of Democratic vote ?).

    The life and morality after nuclear war would become very
    simple, maybe much like the life in the rural communities
    of the Bible Belt, or even like between the Amish faithful.


  3. thankfully not near my New England ancestral home, but close, Weymouth; as we found out yesterday. But the home town University needs cleaned out and bad guys and gals put away and this facility shut down.

  4. So they combined a virus that doesn’t exist, SarsCoV2, with its non-existent variant, “Omicron,” and made (ex nihilo) a super virus that could kill 80% of the population? Well, as Foghorn Leghorn says, “two nuthins is nuthin.” I smell another deep state psy-op. I think it is just meant to keep the “deadly virus” narrative going. And Info Wars and others are dutifully falling right in line. Sad. Remember how “Covid” was supposed to kill billions of people? And since they used “humanized mice,” it’s likely intended to normalize that hideous practice at the same time.
    I don’t know what they’re actually doing in these “biolabs” but I’m pretty sure they’re not creating deadly viruses that will wipe out the population of the earth. They’re not that smart, nor that suicidal. But they are really good at fooling people with their lies.

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