Br. Bugnolo’s Legal Defense fund for Spain

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As my readers already know, I was assaulted by two private security personnel and then illegally arrested by the Spanish National Police, and held for nearly 10 hours, while 5 of my 8 rights in Spanish law for detained persons were gravely violated. On top of it all, I was falsely accused by both groups and now must defend myself in Spanish Court on Nov. 21. But I cannot, because my opponents have such political influence that I was denied the opportunity to appoint a barrister to represent me in court.

Many of you wrote the Spanish Ambassadors in your own countries, and some of you wrote your Ambassadors at Madrid. I thank you for all which you have done. But so far, the Spanish Minister of Justice has taken no action, or at least has not informed my lawyers in Spain. So I must take urgent action on my own, having been informed by my lawyers in Spain how to get around the road block set up against me.

For this reason, I now have to raise the funds to hire a barrister to travel from Spain to the country where I am currently, receive from me in person the power of attorney and then fly back to Spain and appear in court to represent me. And all that costs money. — The expected total expense is $5000 USD.

So I am appealing to those readers and fans of mine who do not want me to be found guilty, simply for not legally appearing in court to defend myself against these charges, on which account I might end up in prison for 6 months, where I am sure the powers that be would be glad to find me with a bed-sheet round my neck some morning, if you know what I mean. — And if I successfully am defended in court, and found innocent on all charges, I will be in a better position to then file a Criminal Complaint against both opposing parties so as to remove a good deal of corruption at Santiago de Compostela.

You can make a donation by pressing this button. The Funds received will go into a legal fund for my defense, held by the USA non-profit, SOSM inc.. — I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless each one of you, who can help me in this necessity!

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9 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Legal Defense fund for Spain”

  1. (1) I live in Asia and PayPal doesn’t allow donations elsewhere… Any other way we can send you funds?

    (2) Or… do you actually have to fight their fight, on their territory, knowing how corrupt their system is? Why not give them the finger, at the (small?) price of not being able to go to Spain again?

    1. Steve, if I am found guilty, Spain can ask any nation to extradite me, and then I go to prison. While normal legal procedure says that is not possible, actually interpretation of laws allows it. Do you think my opposition to globalism is going to get me off? And at any moment they can add new accusations, which if I do not contest in court, could put me in jail for a long time. My personal liberty is worth something to me, and hopefully something to those who read

      As for support there is no other way I can indicate how to support me, which would not compromise my personal security.

  2. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    Please file criminal charges now vs these crooks, so you have a better position and ask Jane Ruby to shout things from the roofs in her show.

    And if anyway possible, make sure that you get in your own country: they don’t extradite their own citizens, as far known.

    1. I have not yet filed a criminal complaint, because to do so effectively I need to name the persons who participated in the actions against me. The trial against me will reveal that IF I can be represented by a barrister. If not, then I will be found guilty and that information will never be made known to the court. That is how essential my legal defense is, in addition to the factors regarding my personal liberty and good name.

  3. What is the name of the Minister of Justice of Spain?

    We should all write her/him.

  4. Don’t worry about your good name: that name is o.k., other than theirs…….
    We all know who are the crooks: this reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi: he got in jail, but not for being a crook……..

    1. Ghandi was protected by the Freemasons, so he did not have to fear that they would hang him in his cell.

      1. ??? Protected by free masons?

        How then could a compatriote murder him?

      2. I was referring to his time when he fought for India’s independence. Afterwards, when it was necessary to make him into a martyr and keep him from talking, they sacrificed him.

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