ITALY: EXPLOSIVE DATA from ISTAT Report on DeathVaxx effects

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ISTAT is the official Italian data-bank for health statistics on Italians and those visiting hospitals in Italy.  Italy has socialized medicine, so every visit is recorded as a statistic. Since the Death Vaxx was introduced, here is the change in the number of visits, categorized by diagnosies:

Spontaneous abortions, up 279 %

Tumors in the womb, up 487 %

Myocardial infractions, up 269%

Pulmonary Embolisms, up 468 %

Dysfunction of the ovaries, up 437 %

Multiple Sclerosis, up 680%

Then there is the category of “Malori improvisi” under which the Government has been hiding unexplained events including death. The term literally means, “unexpected infirmities”.

Before the Death Vaxx was introduced, that is, in 2020, there were 155, 000 of these reported in Italy.

After the Death Vaxx was introduced, that is, in 2022, there were, 580,000 of these reported, that is 1500 a day!



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9 thoughts on “ITALY: EXPLOSIVE DATA from ISTAT Report on DeathVaxx effects”

  1. My sister developed a very large “tumor in the womb” as well as a tumor on her ovary after being vaxxed. She had a total hysterectomy.

    My brother just had a total nephrectomy (kidney removal,cancerous) for a 9cm mass (size of a softball)
    He is also vaxxed.

    So 2 out of 4 of my siblings have developed tumors after getting the shot. Think about that.

    1. That statistic is a grave warning of what is about to come, a DeathWave of biblical proportions.

  2. This is biblical in proportion too. Faith tells us that God the Father is holding back because of the suffering of victim souls like Pope Benedict XVI and brave bishops like Cardinal Pell.

  3. Don Mario Gregorio
    07:33 (2 ore fa)
    Mi serve la fonte per poterlo pubblicare altrimenti mi bloccano
    Don Mario Gregorio

    09:34 (15 minuti fa) a me ( )
    A seguito delle segnalazioni dei nostri utenti sull’assenza dei dati ISTAT, citati dal Dr. Oliviero nella sua intervista con Morris San, abbiamo eseguito anche noi una ricerca e, non avendoli trovati, avevamo deciso di rettificare.

    Sfortunatamente, il neopromosso Admin, autore del video, non è ancora addentro al nostro modus operandi di rettifica e ha rimosso il video dal canale.
    Non avrebbe senso ricaricarlo di nuovo per rettificarlo quindi lasceremo le cose così.

    È importante in ogni caso specificare che il Dr. Oliviero può aver commesso una gravissima leggerezza ma la sostanza del suo discorso è esatta, e lo abbiamo mostrato con i dati ufficiali di molti altri paesi, dove le cavie stanno morendo come mosche.

      1. I guess I should’ve scrolled down the page first before asking. I thought it would be longer. Sorry.

  4. Please say a prayer for my cleaning lady, a refugee from Venezuela. The poor thing was tricked into 4 doses of that poison. It is amazing how people’s lives are destroyed by the thousands. Her name is Sonya.

    1. God have mercy upon her soul. Yes, so many poor desperate to work were ruthlessly exploited. That is why those responsible deserve nothing LESS than burning at the stake, every last one of them.

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