Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on “Who is Bergoglio really?

To hear Br. Bugnolo speak at length about the Jesuits, see here.

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21 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on “Who is Bergoglio really?”

  1. This is probably one of the best interviews Brother Bugnolo has done on the false pope Bergoglio, and his disastrous presence in the Vatican .

    Its also important to understand the crisis in the Church today has its roots in the modernism promoted by organizations like the jesuit order. This order is totally communist and anti catholic, and should be disbanded.

    As a jesuit and feemason , Bergoglio’s true purpose from day one was to subvert the Church, and destroy its credibility from within by capturing the papacy. When are Catholics going to wake up and get rid of this wicked creature?

    1. Follow Bro. Bugnolo’s youtube if you aren’t already. He has more to say there about the antipope Bergoglio.

  2. You knocked it out of the ball park with this one, Bro. A.

    It explains to non-Catholics why the globalist attempt to control the institutional Church [separate from the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ: — who are the faithful believers, often marginalised and persecuted: e.g., the betrayed Chinese Catholic Church ] affects EVEYONE in the world, Catholic or non-Catholic.
    You also makes it easier to understand (in secular terms) how 2/3rds or 3/4 of the world population who take the mark of the Beast (or the death-vaxx, –which will do until the mark of the beast gets here) can die off as predicted in the Apocalypse.

    One logical thing not mentioned in this video is that if you have resisted taking the vaxx, –you must never have a blood transfusion from vaxxed donors.

    I do wish you would discuss these matters with Dr Jordan Peterson; honestly seeking TRUTH, he asked straight questions of “woke” Bishop Barron, who feared to answer them honestly and so didn’t convince Jordan why any intelligent person of good will needs to be Catholic.

    I know you could convert Dr Peterson where Barron failed, because you are logical and you like Dr Peterson, you have suffered and know that your suffering is not meaningless, but is a mysterious grace God can use to help the people around you to discover and defend Truth.

  3. Br. Bugnolo….can you speak further about the “50 years of peace” before the arrival of the Anti- christ, referenced in this video?
    I do not have a clear understanding of this and perhaps many others do not, as well.

    Very good video. Thank you so much for your teaching.

    1. The Mother of Jesus at Fatima promised that after the conversion of Russia, there would be an era of peace, and then the end would come.

      1. Brother,

        Thank you for such a well informed interview. I have a couple of questions for you.

        1. Do you think that Pope Benedict is the Pope prophesied from Fatima? If not then who do you think is the Pope prophesied from Fatima?

        2. Before we can have the Era of Peace, Russia must be consecrated in union with the Bishops of the world? Isn’t that correct? If so, then when do you think this will occur? Obviously, it can’t happen under Francis. Can you give us a timeline from your scholarly and religious perspective ? We know the consecration will happen but will be late.

        3. Do you think this “death shot” that is maiming and killing people is part of the the chastisements associated with Fatima?

        I think that this time that we are living in is more associated with Fatima then the actual end times with the Antichrist because he only reigns for 3.5 years and then is thrown into hell by Jesus, in the Second Coming and then it is the end of the world. This is just how I understand it. I’m sure you know much more and I’d like to hear your point of view.


      2. 1. I do think Benedict XVI is the pope who climbs the mountain and is shot at by arrows (injections) and bullets (real bullets). I do think Bergoglio tricked him into be deathvaxxed and that Ganswein may have had a hand in it.

        2. Yes. Yes. Either Benedict will do it, or his true successor. No.

        3. Yes. Various nations will be annihilated, I think refers to the mass deaths which will occur as a result of the death vax. Many European countries will disappear, such as Denmark and Lithuania, which have near 90% vaxx rates.

        Our Lady said that after the Triumph of Her Heart, there would be a “certain era of peace” and then would come the end (i. e. the Antichrist and the final Armageddon), so I think that those my age will not see those dark days, but will see the Triumph, but today’s children will see them.

  4. Dear Br. Bugnolo, that was a wonderful interview, and it was so incredibly amazing that you had the opportunity to speak about Fatima and reveal the fact that the Catholic Church is the True Church. No doubt, this pleased our Lord and Lady very much!

    I have to say, I did notice that when you referred to the Catholic Church, you often said, “Our Church” when speaking to Dr. Ruby. I’m wondering if maybe it is better to say, “the Church” since there are no other churches, only ecclesiastical communities (guilty of spiritual theft)? I am just curious. You probably have a reason (or maybe it’s just not a big deal at all and I am being picky; perhaps, ill-informed in some way) for saying, “Our Church”, so I am not trying to grill you here…just wondering.

    Also, I have to ask, is it proper to say, “The Catholic Church has fallen to Communism”? This is, as you know, what Dr. Ruby gave as the title of her show with you. [An aside: Mike Adams posted this show on Brighteon.]. Would it be more appropriate and respectful to Our Lord to say that the, “The Majority of the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church has Fallen to Communism”?

    I ask because the Church has both the Human Element (made up of sinners) and the Supernatural Element – which is the Perfect and Most Pure Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. The Church (Supernatural Element; the Mystical body of Christ) can never fall to Communism.

    God bless you, and thank you for ALL that you do. May God reward you and our Lady keep you safe. You’re in my daily Rosary.

    1. Stew Peter’s Channel’s audience is mostly Evangelicals. Dr. Jane Ruby is not a Catholic. Growing up in the USA, we Catholics refer to the Church as our Church, more to emphasize that we are members of it, than that there are others equal to it. It does not mean more than that. Anyhow, all protestants know from their youth, that the Catholic Church is The Church, because they all know that their churches were founded by men. That is why I several time refers to our Church as being 2000 years old.

      1. Ah…makes sense, and you did, indeed, indicate that the Catholic Church is 2,000 years old.
        Thank you for responding, Br. Bugnolo. I am looking forward to your next talk with Dr. Jane Ruby.
        Ave Maria!

  5. Excellent, wide-ranging interview & discussion.
    Brother Alexis exposes the truth of what is, and has been, happening in the Church in a way that is, I believe, unequalled by any other Roman Catholic commentator/website/blog-writer/social-media poster etc.
    I will be sharing this to my FB page and with a number of Catholic FB groups…….so let us see how many admin/moderators seek the truth or are loyal to the tyrannical antipapal Bergoglian regime!!
    DEO gratias for the dedicated work of Dr Jane and Br Alexis.

  6. Spectacular interview filled with so much vital information for everyone including the Catholics not correctly catechized in today’s world. Was enthralling to hear you speak about Fatima at a perfect and ‘RIGHT’ time when those listening are open to receive the prophesy of Fatima following the recent anniversary of the ‘Sun Dancing’. While there have been many apparitions of ‘Our Lady’, there’s only one Fatima including an appearance of the ‘Holy Family’ and St. Joseph holding the infant Jesus as they, too blessed the gathering of that final apparition of our ‘Blessed Mother’. Like Dr. Jane Ruby, I was certainly interested to hear about the basic history of the Masons and the fact of ALL NOT BEING EQUAL. Have often wondered at the malevolent forces and how our local Masonic Lodge never seemed predatory as those you defined ‘Illuminati’. Would love to hear more about your deep dives into the annuls of history as it’s obvious you have done ‘Due Diligence’ to get the facts correct. JUST A REAL FOUNT OF INFORMATION TYING-UP LOOSE ENDS FOR A FEW OF US OUT HERE SEARCHING FOR SO LONG FOR ANSWERS. SO-O-O IMPRESSIVE. Think it could be time for you to hire a ‘Ghost Writer’ to begin to write a book with the information you commonly impart on your Blog. Your knowledge is very valuable for MANY searching for answers just awakening and while I’m not one of these people, many are and it would be highly credible to originate with someone of your vocational/academic background.

  7. Br. Alexis-

    What you said about the destruction of the psyche of children who are sexually abused, becoming sociopaths and so on is certainly true in most cases.

    But Jesus Christ can heal any aberration, mental, physical or emotional, and our Father can restore the years the locusts have eaten.

    It’s up to us to seek out the Triune God, to surrender our will to his, and to throw ourselves upon His mercy. Healing can be ours.

  8. Br. Bugnolo

    Can you please a video detailing the sequence of events we will live through as well as how it ties with Fatima? I like Krista (above) and I am sure many others would like to hear about this

      1. Thank you John! Look, we all know the good brother knows more than us and we would be interested in hearing his thoughts about these important matters. We, Catholics have been listening to the doctors and medical professionals from The Freedom Movement but as Bugnolo stated they are not Catholic but are Evangelicals and/or other religions. . Therefore, their understanding of spiritual matters is not the same as practicing Catholics.

        No one is expecting prophesy. It’s merely a discussion board where Catholics can get some guidance on understanding how our present situation relates to our Catholic faith in both public and private revelation.

        Ok, I’ll start the conversation with an observation. My grandmother used to always say, “As goes the church, goes the world.” She believed the Catholic Church and the world mirrored one another. I took this to mean that the problems in the world were because of problems in the church. The more problems in the church, the more problems in the world. If the church would clean up Her act then the world would improve. The church and the world will never be perfect because of original sin.

        1. We have a false president because we have a false pope
        2. We have a deep state because we have a deep church.
        3. We have hijacked governments because we have a hijacked church.
        4. We have a pedophile problem in the world because we have a pedophile problem in the church.
        5. We have a money laundering problem in the world because we have a money laundering problem in the church.
        6. We have a homosexual/transsexual problem in the world because we have a homosexual/transsexual problem in the church.
        7. We have persecution of conservative/non globalist medical professionals because we have a persecution of conservative/Latin Mass clergy in the Church.
        8. We have a globalist/Marxist problem in our governments because we have a globalist/Marxist problem in our church.

        I could go on and on. What do others and Brother think about my analogies and how does it tie into Fatima? Fatima is the key to what is happening in the world, in my opinion. I’m sure there are people who have much deeper thoughts than me.

        Best always,

      2. Well we do not so much have a problem in the Church, because the problem comes from the world, and we have only it effect BECAUSE we are not being Church the way Christ wants us to. As a matter of Fact, if you follow Vatican II instead of the Gospel or Sacred Tradition, then you get no Church and have stopped acting as Church. And this was the devious masonic plan from the beginning. Until we dump the false Gospel and the notion of progress in religion, and return to the dogmatic teaching of the Second Council of Nicea, we will be going nowhere different than the world.

  9. Eye-opening interview. Answers many questions. Still I see no room in there for God’s mercy over those who took the thing. If we believe in the victory of God we should also put our faith in His victory over this vacc and daily pray rosary in families for the reversal of effect of this product in people who were forced or duped to take it, for their conversion too. I feel obliged to do it every day. If we do not put hope in God in that matter how can we expect other victories to happen? How can we abandon our brothers and sisters who have God-given souls as we do? Are we ready to take care of children who will lose their vaxed parents at some point? What is our moral obligation here? Are we supposed to fend for ourselves, taking pride in the power of our descernment?

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