Russian State Media Personalities express disappointment at Ukrainian Victories

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2 thoughts on “Russian State Media Personalities express disappointment at Ukrainian Victories”

  1. The problem for Russia now is how to get rid of the hawks. The way it is going they may end up losing their own territory as the Russian population ceases to obey. Putin is not Stalin, 2022 is not 1941.

  2. How are people blind to the fact of this skirmish to be a genocidal operation meant to deplete the west of both treasure and wealth? The Globalists are behind the whole crisis to create the chaos necessary for the world to transfer wealth to the Swiss Bank Accts. obviously teeming with western funding. Still confusing about the reason NOBODY is going after those committing these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ordering this war, wealth re-distribution into the hands of those already exorbitantly wealthy and the attacks upon western sovereignty. WHEN WILL ‘CITIZENS OF THE WEST’ RISE UP TO FIGHT BACK?

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