USA: Poll of Catholic Priests reveals widespread moral(e) degradation

Editor’s Note: If 82% of Catholic Priests in the USA fear being “falsely accused” of pedophilia, then, I would guesstimate, from my 30 year experience working with clergy and seminarians, that 82% never had vocation and should resign, because it does not belong to the psychology of a normal health heterosexual to even dream of being accused of pedophilia. It only occurs to a mind which is inclined differently and is a afraid of being caught or who suffers from the psychological problem of paranoia. And such a man should not be in the cloth, nor be leading the faithful, and should not be hearing confessions.

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11 thoughts on “USA: Poll of Catholic Priests reveals widespread moral(e) degradation”

  1. To be frank, no healthy Priest ever considers ANY KIND OF SEXUAL PERVERSION and yet it happens. There is evidence of the Anti-Pope and upper hierarchy of the Church growing to consider it NORMAL and to Institute it as NORMAL in the Church while faithful Priests willing to STAND opposed to perversion and those perpetrating it as the abomination it is when not confessed and no reparations are made.

    It is reprehensible for FAITHFUL, HONORABLE Priests of our Lord Jesus Christ to be CANCELLED from their calling while the abominations are allowed to continue on through transgression and further support of abomination.

    1. Perverts and crooks cannot stand honest men near them, because they are a reproach to their conscience.

  2. Even the Pareto principle applies to Holy Orders: 20% (roughly) are faithful and true.

  3. I clearly remember the moment -now some 20 years ago- when a priest chastised me for being “a capitalist”. He was a Benedictine. He did that in the confessional while I was confessing my sins. He offered advice that could have come from Karl Marx himself. Ever since those days I changed the way I conduct myself at confession. I ALWAYS consider the possibility that Father Confessor may be a Mason, a KGB agent, or militant homosexual fishing for information that he can later share with his real owners. May God forgive them for the crime they are committing and may God forgive ME for not trusting the Church any longer. Presently I trust NO ONE.

  4. Relative to the “editor’s note” I would like to offer for your consideration some additional related thoughts to pair with a sweeping condemnation of fearful priests. While yes, it does “not belong to the psychology of a normal healthy heterosexual to even dream of being accused of pedophilia,” I propose that there are mitigating factors in our extremely ABNORMAL societal milieu that are worthy of consideration when considering a priest’s potential fears of accusation. Bear with me here….
    1. We have a CIA/Rockefeller-inspired new concept of so-called “TOXIC MASCULINITY.”
    2. We have a generalized and increasing demonization of men as wife-beaters and predators.
    3. Our post-911-world has increasingly sought to criminalize just about EVERYTHING – – think Janet Napolitano’s “see something say something” meme – such that ordinary citizens are considering themselves as extra-empowered and deputized to officially point accusing fingers at will.
    4. Lo and behold, we now have law enforcement officers in all elementary schools because Americans EXPECT CRIMES everywhere, and now even from SMALL CHILDREN.
    5. We have the VIPS (“volunteers in police service”) program that increases and glorifies STASI-like activities by using duped citizen volunteers.
    All of these have been part of the numerous (new world order totalitarian) agendas that were accelerated after 9/11 to further destabilize and communize families, and society as a whole. And a big part of all this has been the increasing demonization of MEN. Likewise for the gradual expansion of the snitch-STASI / communist police state.
    We are being conditioned that there are alleged “enemies,” “terrorists,” and “CRIMINALS” LURKING EVERYWHERE – such that by now we have a very pronounced and communist kill-your-brother/report-your-brother mentality that has permeated everything. So ferocious is this trend, that the seal of the confessional is now being questioned and threatened.

    I know many males (white males in particular) who have a palpable concern of being falsely accused. I have a pastor who is always looking over his shoulder and second-guessing his actions so that he will not appear suspicious on any level. Likewise, I know teachers who have similar fears. And with priests, as the vow of chastity is almost universally disbelieved, scorned and even hated, it is very easy for someone to suspect, and make accusations regarding, violations of that vow – whether true or not. (Like against Cardinal Pell)

    We have a terrible dichotomy today where the REAL pedophiles – the TRULY guilty ones (like most politicians and freemasonic Catholic hierarchy perverts that cover for their fellow deviants) — will never serve time (think McCarrick), whereas those who are innocent are being everywhere positioned as potential criminals in a world that not only sexualizes everything, but also over-criminalizes everything. We are BEING GROOMED for a STASI STATE. AND in the coming world dictatorship, WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS amongst each other.

    Sadly, in the face of this “diabolical disorientation” it seems that we all (especially men) can have a certain realistic, but tempered, “fear” (or at least concern) of being falsely suspected and/or accused. Such a concern (“fear”) would simply be a realistic acknowledgement of what has been deliberately fomented around us — and that in a sex-saturated world, people can be irrationally – and yes, even incorrectly — quick to project their own sexual excesses upon others.

    We are all being set up as criminals and deviants. I will close with a summary of our STASI future with a very communist-like statement of the famous Cardinal Richelieu:
    “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

    1. If a man of God preached as such, anyone who could possibly be considered a false accuser of such things would probably leave the parish. I am not saying that the risk is not there, I am saying that psychologically it is not normal, its neurotic. If you are living as a man of God, you already know that God’s mighty hand is there and you need fear no thing other than offending Him. If you do not have that spirituality, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE PRIESTHOOD, because your are spiritually incompetent to lead the congregation!

      I have been beaten and abused by police in 3 nations. Do I fear that the police are going to beat me and abuse me, whenever I go into town or see a cop. No. That would be unhealthy. Men need to get control of their emotions and suspicions. You cannot serve the Faithful if you have not.

  5. Yes. It is important to realize that we all must commend ourselves to a loving God and living as His child, and in His Providence, without any excessive fears. We must also curb any unhealthy emotionality. And we must realize that we are being played and groomed into an unhealthy STASI, fault-finding direction, and we’d best be concentrating on improving ourselves rather than focusing on suspecting or condemning faults of others.

  6. Cancelled Priests must never form a group under Bishop Schneider the controlled opposition

    1. Who is financing Bp. Schneider’s USA tour? Certainly not the poor US Catholic parishes that are closing down at an alarming rate

    2. Of course “Bp.” Athanasius Schneider is controlled opposition! Here are some of the proofs

    3. Pope Francis is the Vicar of the Devil in the New World Order, and his Green Gospel is the New Religion.

    1. Yes if they do, they will be led by that pied piper back into the fold of Pachamama and globalism.

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