WHO to redefine “influenzas” as “Pandemics”, for world domination

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7 thoughts on “WHO to redefine “influenzas” as “Pandemics”, for world domination”

  1. Exactly WHAT are individuals to do with these TYRANTS grabbing power around the world? It’s time to do away with all the Medical Complex built by Gates/Fauci to RULE THE WORLD AS THE TYRANTS THEY ARE and indict, try and implement the sentence for TREASON as we are in THEIR PLANNED WW3 and it’s time to end their TYRANNY.

  2. The death penalty for treason in both the USA and the UK has been legislated away.
    The Judicial system may give a slap on the wrist few years, or a life sentence, in prison; depending on whether a given traitor is “woke” or not.

    1. No, in the USA, death penalty for treason is still in the Federal Code as a punishment for treason in war time, as far as I know, along with several other crimes.

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