4 thoughts on “CANADA: Hate Crimes against Roman Catholics up 260%”

  1. Couldn’t be based in lying accusations of Native Americans being massacred by Catholic Priests, Nuns and Sister Missionaries and buried in mass graves in Church Yards and other Cemetaries, could it? Sadly, the reports of EMPTY Graves hasn’t been reported to saturation as the propaganda.

  2. Something with end of times. Apocalyps 13 : 10 is prety clear about Gods people.
    This is just the ouverture.

  3. In Canada other Christians are prosecuted as well, like the protestant Pastor Artur Pawlowski who was arrested several times for supporting the truck drivers and for not allowing the police into his Church. (reported several times on Fox News)
    And there are also Buddhists standing up against worldtiranny.
    All people of good will should co-operate and fight together vs
    the diabolical wef-agenda.
    God is there for each one of us.

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