NEW ZEALAND: 95% of Deaths are those who have been DeathVaxxed in last 14 days

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7 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND: 95% of Deaths are those who have been DeathVaxxed in last 14 days”

  1. So, where’s the FBI ? Oh yeah, I forgot. They are raiding Mar Lago and rural homes of pro lifers.

  2. Guess Ardern is meeting her ‘Depopulation’ quotas for the Sociopathic Predators. Wonder what her reward is? How much is to be deposited into a Swiss Acct.?

  3. It rarely appears in the news, but you can really see it in workplaces when “so-so stopped going to work.”

    The ones hit hard are the carpenters, waiters, loaders, and drivers. People that do strenuous labors.

    1. Interesting you say this…

      An observation I have made in perusing the daily obituaries is 1: the number of people in their 50s and 60s and 2: men who were carpenters, and other physical laborer professions.

  4. One person I know died two days ago. She was found unconscious at home by a relative. She was taken to the hospital where the doctors determined she had nearly zero white blood cells. She died a few hours after arriving at the hospital. She never regained consciousness. Some members of her family were adamantly against vaccination but she went ahead nevertheless and got all four doses.

    Heard near the elevator in a building I visit frequently. A different person, also a lady in her 60’s was commenting to the guard: “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I got the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine and I feel terrible, it’s getting worse every day!”

    Draw your own conclusions. This is completely aleatory, anecdotal data. Where I reside there has to be other cases like those but NOTHING is ever mentioned in the local news other than “be responsible and get the shots!”

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