VATICAN to host interreligious Lecture on the Petrine Primacy

Editor’s Note: This lecture series is a trial balloon for Bergoglio’s impossible project. Because he wants to reshape the Papacy into an institution without any Christian authority, but which everyone must obey in the name of tolerating everything.

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3 thoughts on “VATICAN to host interreligious Lecture on the Petrine Primacy”

  1. This lecture will be a “stalking-horse” show-piece to the UN and the World Counsel of Churches that Bergoglio would caponise the papacy such that that HE would be the perfect President of the new One-World Religion.
    Pass the Popcorn, this should be a n entertaining Grade-B horror movie.

    1. See also the “false prophet” of the 1 world religion of the end times prophcies…

  2. By the way, Cardinal Ravasi, who announces this charade, was present (so says Fr Paul Kramer in a YouTube video) when Putin visited Francis in the Vatican and directly asked him about the Fatima consecration, which he seemed to want.
    “We do not discuss Fatima”, answered Bergoglio, and Fr Kramer said it was said “in the manner of a put-down.”
    Later, Cardinal Ravasi confided to one of Putin’s assistants, “We will bury Fatima.”

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