3 thoughts on “As the Barque of Bergoglio takes on water, Parolin threatens EWTN”

  1. Parolin’s words:
    “Catholic media, as you well know, has an important role in the task of the new evangelization. This is why it is good that they feel that they are an active part of the life of the Church, first of all by living in a spirit of communion with the Bishop of Rome. This is all the more urgent today in a time marked by overly-dramatic debates, also within the Church, which do not even spare the person and the Magisterium of the Pontiff.
    When Mother Angelica founded EWTN with tremendous courage and extraordinary creativity, she did so primarily to provide an instrument of good at the service of the Church and the Pope. This continues to be your greatest mission and reward – to be and to experience yourselves at the service of the Church and the Successor of Peter. . . . The devil always seeks to sift us like wheat, but Jesus’ prayer for Peter and his successors is our anchor of salvation.
    May this spirit of communion with the Pope be the distinctive sign of your work. ”

    Note that phrase, “The magisterium of the Pontiff”
    (= Bergoglio) –not “The Magisterium.” [Unfortunately I do not have capacity to underline in these posts.] Parolin is saying the role of EWTN & other Catholic media is to uncritically propagandise Bergoglianism, –even when it contradicts the unchanging teaching (Magisterium) of Christ’s church.
    No surprises there.

  2. Think EWTN will do the right thing? After all, how much do they need the Vatican? The Vatican needs them more than EWTN needs the Vatican, don’t you think? It certainly would boost their ratings if they did.

  3. As a non-Catholic, peering from the outside, so to speak, it would seemto me if EWTN cares about the spiritual health & welfare of their readers, they would remove the rose colored glasses & stop propagandizing a person leading the Catholic church right down the garden path to Satan’s ultimate domain. If nothing else, his efforts to bond & ally with Islam should’ve sounded more alarms than a “5-alarm fire”, unless they are as ignorant of the ideology of Islam as most of our western leaders seem to be! 1 may sincerely hope the new “boss lady” in Italy will learn & start awakening people there to the truth, including the church leadership.

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