How to Recognize Electro-Magnetic attacks on your brain

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is a good deal of exaggeration in this report, when the speaker says there are millions of operatives involved in this. And the speaker does not sound like a person with any training in electro-magnetic radiation — I say this as the son of a theoretical electro-magnetic radiation expert, Dimitri S. Bugnolo.

But it is a good practice not to sleep in a room with wifi or cellphone capable devices, nor to keep your cellphone on your person, because 5G can be used to identify the location of your person, which is necessary before any electro-magnetic attack. — But in general, the amount of power necessary for such an attack requires that the tower or transmitter be very powerful or very close to you. If you live in a wooden house, then you are especially vulnerable, since wood and glass are very penetrable. And your neighbor’s wifi router probably does not have the power necessary for it.

The 60 Minutes’ report on the Havana Syndrome is found here:

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21 thoughts on “How to Recognize Electro-Magnetic attacks on your brain”

  1. Don Minutella mention this in the context of the importance of praying constantly. If i recall correctly, he claims the complete recitation of the Rosary puts one into, literally, a protective frequency that protects one from such attacks.

    1. Our Lord said that His true servants would drink poison and not be harmed. So certainly that applies to electro magnetic radiation.

      1. Science does not support that premise. You’re talking about 2 very different types of attack venues. Poisons are injected, ingested, inhaled, or topically absorbed, but must enter the blood stream to do their dirty work. EMF requires none of those, & disrupts the electrochemical signals from our brains that drive all the functions of our bodies, including a vital functions, by means of magnetism.
        Beyond that, poison is only promised to NOT harm us, IF we are in the midst of doing God’s specific calling upon each of us individually, as Paul was, not as a general principle for all, at all times. We need to be cautious in how we read the Word, to understand when it’s a specific, & when it’s a general. Many have been misled by taking a specific, & applying it as a general.

      2. Yes, though poisons and radiation are physically two different things, that which stands behind one who is protected is the Same Loving God. If He will protect you from poison, can He not protect you from radiation. He has protected me in a car accident by making me execute a maneuver in an instant that only a professional car driver could do, which I had never done, and which I certainly do not have the quick reactions to do. I did it, but I know that a Hand greater than mine own was doing everything.

    2. I remember an experiment many years ago to see if Catholic monks’ mental prayer activated the same brain centers as the meditation of Buddhist monks. Neurologists put electrodes on monks of similar age and training, and discovered that entirely different areas of the brain were stimulated in the Catholics and in the Buddhists, though externally both groups appeared to be doing the same thing. .
      The neurologists were astounded by this, and had NO explanation for the difference in brain activity, except to know that each group was doing something different from the other. 🙂

      1. Catholics meditate upon transcendent truths revealed by the Creator. Buddhists dream dreams.

      2. Do you have a link to that? I would very much like to inform myself about it and share it with my family.

  2. As an EMF-sensitive person I threw out years ago the (older model) mobile phone I had for a while. I ended the subscription to
    traveling by train for a low price because of the dangers of being surrounded by so many mobile phones while traveling, who btw
    got all the time almost unterrupted attention from their owners:
    so no talking to fellow passengers…………, except, the last time on the train, with a nice teenager without that obsession.
    We had a nice talk about school……….

    5G masts have nothing to do with cellphonespeed, but everything with controlling the microchip donated for free to all vaxxed ones, except those who got a saline solution ……….

    MD’s Roy Martina, NL, and Frank Bartram, Germany, are experts in this matter and warn for cellphoneradiation.
    The great person Arthur Firstenberg, USA ( wants, like me, all cellphones out of the world, and the 4 and 5G masts first.
    Noone is allowed into this house with a cellphone.
    Several cities in the world refuse 4 and 5G masts, also in NL
    A few months ago 2 friends of mine having a cellphone with them, talked together on the street, a.o. about Rwanda, the native country of one of them. The other one told me later:
    having never received anything about Rwanda before on my phone, I suddenly received unsollicited information about
    this country. ‘So our conversation was spied upon’.
    Recently I told a far neighbor here that I did not wish to speak to him anymore, when his cellphone was around: just not to be spied upon.
    Nature is also damaged by cellphones, as well as cows:
    that is why a French farmer achieved via a judge that the new 5G mast was shut down. Cows were dying since that thing was placed in the neighborhood.
    Here is no smart meter in the house for energy and the phone here has a cord.

    Roy Martina has predicted in a book that that would be a lot more cases of braintumors because of the cellphones, means to world control by wef. No cellphone, no green pass…………..
    ‘Everytime you hold a cellphone to your ear, it is like putting your head into a microwave……. Clear enough??

    There were several appeals to say goodbye to cellphones, in order to not be collaborating with the desire for permanent control of the wef. …….

    chose ye today whom you will serve: the wef or GOD, who gave us free will.

    Into the garbage can, all those controlling devices.
    Your health should be your priority: our body is our Temple.

    1. Yeah what a scam put out by intelligence and that cookie cutter nlp they use. Those dastardly Cubans!!!

    2. For those still unaware, the US gov’t has been spying on ALL airwaves traffic for decades, since at least WW II, that I know of for sure. My sister & I “trigger” them regularly, when we talk about the tools of our shared trade of nursing, even though what we’re talking about is no more threatening than reparing your kid’s skinned knee. I don’t know it for sure, but it’s reasonable to assume other gov’ts do likewise.

  3. ‘The ardent prayer of the devoted Christians will create a powerfull divine spiritual FREQUENCY around them that will unable the Antichrist’s satellites to detect them’.

    P. Elpidie Vanaiakis

    1. God’s assistance has no frequency because it does not emanate physically but comes forth from the Divine Existence which sustains all things in being.

      1. You’re right, but P. Elpidie specified ‘divine spiritual’ freqency. To make sense for us, the people. Even the ‘miraculous’ shot was demonic inspired……
        He also mentioned that divine spiritual ‘freqency’ will made those devoted Christians ‘INVISIBLE’ for the satellites…. It wasn’t in a literally meaning.

      2. But I have to say that you are, in the same time, wrong because :
        DEUS INCARNATUS EST – He took a physical frequency. ☺️

  4. Please, even if that might sound strange the introduction, just listen only at 18.00 minutes….. About HOW will work together the C.E.R.N. frequency and the nanotehnology inside those who took the deathvaxx etc. (no need to publish it, just fir you to take a look)

    1. If this woman thinks Jacob’s name was not changed by God to Israel, then she is a heretic, because this is a truth taught by Sacred Scripture and written down by Moses.

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