3 thoughts on “Meet the Niece of Jorge Mario Bergoglio: Cristina Bergoglio”

  1. What a difference with John Paul II whose relations and friends were deeply christianized by his spirituality. Bergoglio does the same thing, but in the opposite direction.

    1. I sure hope your are right. Seeing the photos of Woytyla in shorts sunning himself with ladies, does not deeply christianize a lot of us. Neither was fleeing to visit 58 Catholics in Azerbaijan when the 60 million Catholics in the USA wanted him to explain the letters he personally signed telling US Bishops to move pedophiles to new parishes and tell know one they were predators.

  2. So, how, and how soon, will reform start, what will be the phases, what will be the participation criteria, and how will issues like this be resolved? Personally, I don’t see how the JPII issue can ever be resolved.

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