“Pope Benedict XVI’s” Letter to Conference at Stuebenville, OH, USA: Oct. 21

Editor’s Note: Letters alleged to be by Pope Benedict XVI by Father Lombardi are not with all certitude to be taken to be authentic. But, I share the news here anyhow, so that readers may judge for themselves. As Frank Walker of Canon 212.com was first to point out, just when Bergoglio needs some help, a communication is claimed to come from Pope Benedict XVI which appears to do that. At the same time, as reported by Andrea Cionci, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, is kept completely unaware of world events, by those persons who are guarding him.

From my reading of the letter, the wording is more Bergoglian than Ratzeringian. So I entirely doubt the authenticity of the letter, except perhaps the signature. If the letter is authentic, it was either dictated in part or the Holy Father has begun to lose his clarity of thought. And if any one thing would make me side on the opinion that the letter is a complete forgery, which Benedict did not even sign, it is the signature, which lacks the P. P., which he always uses.

Here is the Letter:

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6 thoughts on ““Pope Benedict XVI’s” Letter to Conference at Stuebenville, OH, USA: Oct. 21”

  1. Sadly, I think you are totally correct – the unsuspecting scholars, who gathered for this conference, had no idea that they were being “used” to support the Bergoglio agenda – of unbridled, uncritical support of Vatican II. Is there no “bottom” to the degree of lying that these Bergoglio-controlled vaticanistas will descend to support their attempted take-over of the Church?

    1. La signature, bien que les aléas du grand âge puissent intervenir, ne me semble pas authentique. Et il manque le PP… Benoît XVI l’utilise régulièrement. C’est à mon sens le plus significatif.

      1. Yes, he is first of all by omitting it, indicating that he did not sign it willingly. Second, that he did not sign it as the Pope but as a man. Thirdly, that his yes to accept the petrine munus is forever, because even as a man, he remains Benedict XVI.

  2. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    Wiki has a file of Pope Benedict’s signature titled – File:Pope Benedict XVI Signature.svg
    I note several differences between that and the signature at the bottom of the Oct.21st 2022 letter to the Franciscan conference at Steubenville OH.
    For example, in the original Pope Benedict lifts his pen after the first 3 letters to write the next ‘e’.
    The next letters ‘edi’ are distinct.
    The ‘XVI’ are all separate with a distinct curve over and under the last two digits.
    Even allowing for the progress of age, the style is quite different.
    Best wishes,

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