SWITZERLAND: Nearly all the DeathVaxxed now have Subclinical Myocarditis

The DeathWave is about to break!

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I call the massive world-wide wave of deaths produced by the DeathVaxx (Covid-19 Vaccines) the DeathWave, to highlight its true nature and purpose. If, as in Switzerland, nearly everyone who received these injections is suffering from the first symptoms of myocarditis, then one can infer that in a few months and years, that nearly all who have such symptoms will progress to myocardial infraction. And thus, that nearly all are likely to die. This inference is not medical, but statistical, so it will probably be wrong, and that there will be a percentage who never develop subclinical myocarditis or go on to myocarditis and thus never die from a myocardial infraction or survive it.

The statistic I refer to is the right shift in the graph of normal triponin levels (for more on triponin levels, see here), shown by Vinay Prasad, MD, in the above video about the report from Basel Hospital in Switzerland. Since that shows that all who are DeathVaxxed and/or DeathBoosted are getting higher than normal levels, then it is inferential that all have been injured. Heart cells do not replicate. Once they are killed, they are lost forever. The more that die, the more likely is the person to have myocarditis of one degree or another.

And this because the quality controls for the production of these injections was very poor. And not everyone received a real vaccine, perhaps. And not everyone received the same brand. And not every injection was put in the exact same location of the body, with some piercing arteries, others veins, others in lymph glands or muscles.

But, if a majority do, then we are about to see in the next 5 years, from this problem alone, billions die of heart attacks.

But as this report details, the rate of those possibly injured by subclinical mycardities are 800 times more than those who are going to hospital for myocarditis!

And in fact, in both the prophecies of Our Lady at La Salette and in the writing of St. Hilgegard von Bingen, who was made a doctor of the Church, by Pope Benedict XVI, on the Feast of Our Lady of Victories, Oct. 7, 2012, just before he “resigned”, we read the same thing, that at one point in history, all the enemies of God will drop dead, and the world will become apparently uninhabited.

That sound to me like a DeathWave of myocardial infraction.

And since to allow your persona genetic covenant with God your creator to be played with is the worst kind of ontological rebellion against God, I believe it is theologically the same as becoming an enemy of God, whether you intended that or not, when you allowed yourself to take it. As for the little one’s whose parents made them take it, we read in Scripture in many places that little one’s were destroyed by the sins and for the sins of their parents.

I am bursting in tears at the thought of the Holocaust which is to come.

If YouTube erases the video, there is a written summary of it here:

Note that Dr. Prasad believes there is a virus called SarsCov19 and that the DeathVaxxes are good for you.

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3 thoughts on “SWITZERLAND: Nearly all the DeathVaxxed now have Subclinical Myocarditis”

  1. I will continue to pray for all of the people who took this eugenics shot and for their Salvation. The months and years ahead is going to be very difficult and I am trying to prepare my heart for what is to come. God Bless you always, Brother.

  2. 3% have subclinical myocarditis. Did you even watch the video you linked above?

    Yes, those numbers are STILL staggering, but to say ‘All’ is misleading, likely intentionally so. Please keep it factual because this type of ‘reporting’ is why everyone is cracking down on misinformation.

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