Head of RT suggests on TV various ways of genociding Ukrainians

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4 thoughts on “Head of RT suggests on TV various ways of genociding Ukrainians”

  1. Why is it that it’s always someone blocking another from a WANT who “should not exist”, rather than one’s own coveteousness that “should not exist”? Ukraine has warm water ports. Russia has coveted, & on several past occasions stolen, those ports, for their surface navy ambitions, starting under Peter the Great. But the reality is Yhwh God created the people of Ukraine in His image, & loves each of them, same as every other human. It was also He who set the concept of nations & boundaries. So… where is the real sin here? I believe it is with those who are willing to steal from others what is not theirs to have, because they WANT (covet) it, not with those whose existence stands in their way…

  2. The Mystery of Iniquity at work as said by St. Paul.

    This happens when almost all men turn away from God and embrace lawlessness.

    The errors of Russia truly is the punishment to the world as Our Lady of Fatima said.

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