Red Cross admits it accepts DeathVaxxed Blood without marking it as such

Editor’s Note: This is a highly important news item to memorize. Never accept a blood transfusion from a source which is not tested for the DeathVaxx. Don’t risk your life or your loved one on the chance that it came from a DeathVaxxed victim. My own aunt this spring died within 90 minutes after getting a blood transfusion. She was in perfectly health, devout Catholic, anti-globalist, unvaxxed. But they got her nevertheless, in my opinion. No relative was present to know for sure what was put in the transfusion, though.

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7 thoughts on “Red Cross admits it accepts DeathVaxxed Blood without marking it as such”

  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your aunt. May she rest in peace. If a “pureblood” knows they must have surgery, they should get their unvaxxed kith and kin to donate ahead of time IF they have a comparable blood type.
    They should get IN WRITING that only this blood will be used in their surgery. Let the Doctors know if they are given tainted blood “by mistake” — they better lawyer up, because there’s going to be a lawsuit from the surviving family.

    1. Unfortunately the doctors knew what they signed to and they will continue killing people because many of their hearts hardened in these two years.

      Prayer will be the only way, as Our Lady said.

  2. This was a newsitem in NL some time ago.
    Sanguin, sammler of blooddonations had said: we make no difference between vaxxed and nonvaxxed blood.
    Then I called them as well, trying to make clear to them that it is dangerous to not distinguish, based on what is also mentioned in the pfizer instruction paper coming with the ‘vaccine’
    After insisting that the receptionist should forward this to the dept. she promised to do so.
    Any person (like was done her) could write that they cannot be
    injected with contaminated blood of a vaxxed person, in case they would need a transfusion.
    It is very dangerous that they act this silly way.
    Also: the red cross is involved in the use of donated blood
    for satanic rituals: only a portion is used for blood donations.
    The international director of the red cross is involved with
    k. ssschwab……
    The financial donations in case of a disaster are only for a small part used for the disaster: the rest is used for guilty pleasures of the worldwide disasterclub that tries to get all of us out of their diabolical way.
    This information was published quite a while ago on the Dutch site

    In the past I was a blooddonor for a while, only accepted after
    they found out my blood was a kind of special. At first I was
    refused because of my light weight: then, because of the above, accepted, but could only donate 400 cc..

    Now I would NEVER want to donate blood or money again to the criminal RED cross: I believe it is of the utmost importance to create a new independent service for non-vaxxed ones, separate from the devils club, for the fellow citizens who would risk being murdered by the contaminated red cross blood.

    1. Agreed. Also, if you can plan ahead have an unit or so of your own blood on standby, prior to the surgery. That’s even better, since there’s no chance of rejection.

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