The War against Globalism: Redacted News Report from Oct. 20

Explosive Facts in this video: In March 2020, Boston University biolab applied and received approval for gain of function research regarding SarsCov19 and Omicron Variant (not yet known to exist for 18 more months!). — The means the variants were pre-created as part of the narrative scam. But remember, variants never existed as organisms but as variants of the spike protein, which could be designed on a computer, with known sequences.

This channel still believes SarsCov19 is a virus and exists as such. It’s thus not delivering the entire truth, but is criticizing the dominate globalist narrative.

This program is produced in Portugal, by the former US based journalist, Clayton Morris and his wife.

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6 thoughts on “The War against Globalism: Redacted News Report from Oct. 20”

  1. Since Gain of Function was illegal and still pursued/funded by Govt. Officers; for what reason are those running the Medical Complex still in the agencies? Should they not be indicted, tried and in prison if not EXECUTED for Crimes Against Humanity? When is this outrageous, Bio/Genetic Warfare going to be STOPPED? ENOUGH!! Big Pharma, the Corporatist/Banker Cartel with all the Sociopathic Predators involved actually believe THERE WILL BE NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND THEY ARE TO BE FREE TO GO ON WITH THIS Dr. Mengele ABOMINATION. When these snakes meet next; somebody needs to get ahold of the INTENSIFIED DISEASE and infest the room where the meeting is held so their own disease can TAKE THEM OUT IN A MISERABLE WAY WITH THIER OWN WEAPON, Respirators and another of their treatment poisons; Remdesivir. For most of the existence of the U.S., there has been the WISE DECISION to be in a state of ‘Military Readiness’ at all times and only during Obama and now the OBiden’s are we INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING THE ‘U.S. MILITARY’ AND PURGING IT OF PATRIOTS LOVING THE COUNTRY AND WANTING TO PROTECT IT. Don’t trust the CIA…Is Neo-Feudalist led by the Imperialists now GLOBALISTS. SO SICK OF THE DISTRACTIONS OF FILTH UNDER THE GUISE OF DIVERSITY TO REMOVE ATTENTION TO THE REAL THREATS TO THE WORLD. These TREASONOUS IDIOTS SPREADING FILTH NEED TO BE DEAD…

    1. They remain for the same reason such persons remained in power positions during the ’30s & ’40s of the last century, in Germany, & clear up to the ’90s in what was then the USSR; because those at the top WANTED them in those positions, &, as here, now, protected them from just prosecution under the law. This is the nature of tyranny: evil to its core.

  2. We all lie in wait for the heel of the woman to crush the head of the coiled serpent who looks up to her saying ” Dont tread on me “. Mary vs Freemasonry

  3. Hi Br. Bugnolo

    I have tried for a long time without success to correlate my personal experience and those around me who got sick “with covid” with what you suggest, which is that covid doesn’t exist, and that one can only be infected with the spike protein.

    There were two friends ans 1 colleague of mine, all of them either on the heavier side or over weight who spent 3 weeks in the hospital in March 2020. Clearly what they had was more than a flu. Could they have had a vaccine induced severe flu caused by the 2019 flu vaccine (which I think all of them had)? In one of the hundreds of videos about covid I watched I think I heard something from a doctor that suggested that the first severe “cases” of covid were among those people who had received the flu vaccine in 2019. It’s the only way I am able to square their sickness without having to believe in the covid virus. Just wondering what caused those severe illnesses in the first months of 2020.

    1. I got the yellow fever vaccine in 2019 by Sanofi Pasteur and had the worse cold of my life in the first week of January 2020. So, yes, I think your suspicion is justified. At Bergamo in Italy, where nearly all the covid deaths occured, among elderly people, they were all vaxxed with the 2020 influenza season vaxx by Sanofi Pasteur.

    2. Hi John, I’m an old, retired RN, & have been following all the reports, from the “disinformation” sources as well as the gov’t, as well as having my own history of adverse events from many classes of pharmaceuticals, going back decades.
      1st, you need to know, to date, NO level 3 or 4 lab has reported being able to isolate a SARS-II ( Ccovid-19) virus, despite allegedly having hundreds of thousands ofpatients infected with it. That matters for 2 reasons: 1) there IS no such virus infecting humans, & 2) no one can make a vaccine against a bug of any sort that hasn’t been isolated to work from. The next things you need to know are that: Dr Fauci owns a part of the patent on that alleged virus, & he ALSO owns a part of the patent on the Pfizer jab as well as the patent on remdesivir (the only drug US docs are allowed to administer to supposed covid patients; a drug that destroys kidneys & other organs). If you’re starting to smell a rat, add this tidbit: the “vaccine” was patented by the SAME patent clerk in the US patent office who issued the patent for the “virus”, a DECADE after the “vaccine” was patented. Further, FYI, Fauci is who enabled the HIV/AIDS in the early ’80s, & colluded with the US CDC to lie about how it transmits, a lie they finally admitted after some 30 yrs on 1 of the public pages they used to publish, until about 5 yrs ago, without altering their public warnings & ads about it in the least.
      I realize this is a lot to swallow; there is much more I can tell you concerning the jabs themselves, as well, in terms of what they contain, but I thinkfor the moment, you have enough to digest. Vaccines, as well as other drugs, do cause sickness, sometimes even lethal events. They tamper with your natural immune system, these current jabs ( covid & flu both) more than all their predecessors in past yrs. The flu jab this yr is also the “spike” tech they talk so muh about while saying so little truth about its nature & purpose. If you’d like further information email me at
      All I will say further is that the whole scam was about the money & depopulation, never health.

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