How the Bush Family attempted a Fascist Coup d’etat in the USA in 1934

Editor’s Note: This is an important documentary on US History. But it omits that FDR actually implemented a socialist system and overreaching govt. programs. He achieved this, by using the information he had against the participants in this coup to black mail them into supporting it.

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4 thoughts on “How the Bush Family attempted a Fascist Coup d’etat in the USA in 1934”

  1. Could this have been a ” create the need and then fill if ‘ ? My mom told me the Democratic party got control for decades by ” saving ” the country back then by social programs of FDR. Nobody had a dime in their pocket.
    Also, in cities like Nville, then only a town, farmers brought in food and gave it away…so none starved .
    Thanks for this video. Communist takeover of America came with KarlMarx and Engels advising Lincoln on ending the Am CivilWar..
    One day Truth will break through .

  2. The focus on fascism reflects the political mind, rather than the analytical mind. It sees everything as a battle between good (FDR) and bad (fascism) when in fact fascism is the most concrete manifestation of communist ideology. As pointed out by Antony Sutton, the fascist Cabal financed and supported the Bolsheviks, FDR and Nazis. We also know that FDR was willing to go further towards authoritarianism than Hoover, which is why FDR was supported. We know that the mechanism for control was first installed by the progressives during the Wilson administration and that Harding dismantled a significant part of that to successfully lead the nation through the short great depression of 1920-21.

  3. Interesting. I didn’t know Prescott & FDR were that closely entwined. I knew FDR was almost as socialist & fascist as Wilson, heard that from my parents, who were adolescents into young adults through the ’30s, so old enough to observe & remember. I also knew Prescott was an huge fan & supporter of Hitler, & was selling him weapons, ’til well into the later ’30s when FDR did shut that down. BUT I never had the impression they were “buds”: FDR was “old money” & Prescott was “new money”, so not likely to mix… The more I learn, the more clearly I see that picture the Lord has been giving me the pieces of, for the past 70 yrs; it’s not a picture I really wanted to see, & now I can’t “unsee” it. Worse, the more I realize how FEW, truly grasp what has been & is going on around us, let alone who is doing what, & why, including those who profess Christianity!

  4. So, nothing has changed. The GUILTY responsible are removed from their crimes as well as the testimony indicting them. They go on to perpetrate the same crimes generations later and nobody has the courage to indict, try and execute the ENEMIES of The United States.

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