UK: Conservative party set to make a Hindu next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The New Prime Minister to be was a Fulbright Scholar and ex Goldman-Sachs analyst. He was a partner at 2 Hedge funds in the USA, where his boss, Patrick Degorce, was one of the first investors in Moderna. – So, yes, the Rothschilds and BigPharma have just conquered the United Kingdom, and have placed someone who actually worship demons as the prime minister to serve King Charles III.

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10 thoughts on “UK: Conservative party set to make a Hindu next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”

  1. Thanks for the information. I already had some doubts about the new PM’s ‘qualities’ and you have just confirmed that the masonic globalists, having got rid of Bozo Johnson & Liz Truss, now have “their man” at the helm to obey their continuing demonic strategy of “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy!!” But Roman Catholics in the UK should still be far, far more concerned about who is the real Pope and how the Church has been the subject of some monumental deceptions & distractions, rather than the constant political-theatre that the ever-obedient MSM love to report on, 24/7. Pax vobiscum.

  2. I hope and pray that even those of us who think we are pretty aware of things, are taking note of not only this event, but the many many events that are taking place world wide at a rapid pace. The content of the articles posted on this site just in the last week feel like machine gun fire. Particularly the appointment of an atheist, pro choice feminist to a supposed Catholic council for life. Additionally the admonishment to Catholic media to stop publishing truthful Catholic content.
    It’s is dizzying. We are surrounded on all sides.
    Our priest touched on all of this yesterday. He put it in the context of having faith. Exercising faith. DEFENDING THE FAITH.
    For any clergy that frequent this site..and I’m inclined to think there are many…on behalf of us…your sheep…please be courageous and shepherd us! Save our Church! Defend our Lord Jesus! Every day I pray the rosary for YOU….our priests. Our Bishops. Be strong in faith!

    These things that are going on are far beyond a matter of interpretation or debate.

  3. And probably is comfortable with the idea of inseparable classes and untouchables, right?

  4. That he is a Hind, I see as minor when Tony Blair and his wife were performing actal witchcraft ceremonies at No. 10 Downing Street.

    The fact that he is a [aid-p member of the WEF, and has already openly championed the introdction of digital currency, its callous master control grid is excetionally challenging. Quite apart from its instant destruction of our sovereign liberties, it would make giving alms to the poor impossible, something in line with Sunak’s recent declaration of how he was proud to be “Middle Class” and knew only Middle Class people, a man who has never known poverty, and who has not a jot of sympathy nor refard for those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

    1. Look on the bright side– Hindus are merely pagans, not members of “The Religion of Peace”.
      Hindus, last time I looked, are in favour of telling the truth and not lying (“taqqya”) to promote their religion.
      I note today (25 October) occurs a partial eclipse of the sun as new PM Mr Sunak was asked by Freemason King Charles III to form a government.
      According to traditional folk-belief, eclipses–partial or full– are not a good omen for a country where they are seen.
      BTW the partial eclipse was seen over much of Europe, also.

  5. All I remember is that terrible prophecy about England… Changing the subject a little, the former prime minister, Liz Truss, only lasted 45 days.

      1. Putin would never nuke the UK, because his government is totally controlled by the Pilgrim Society.

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