As Public Ire tightens, Rothschild Agents are lashing out

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3 thoughts on “As Public Ire tightens, Rothschild Agents are lashing out”

  1. Need to send the Neo-Feudalists Hank Williams Jr. ‘A Country Boy Can Survive’ as it is WHAT MADE AMERICA GREAT AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. There are folks still faithful to God, Country, Family and Freedom who will NOT TOLERATE THIS MESS and there is no doubt WE ARE THEIR NIGHTMARE AND THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF US. Some of us are Grads still NOT indoctrinated/brainwashed by Humanistic/Modernistic Idolatry.

  2. As one who studied linguistics in a misspent but jolly youth, I remember and rejoice in the old term, “euphemism mill.”

    So: now “Globalist,” like “gay,” is now tainted by non-ironic truth; and a new, pristine term must be found for the problematic concept. . .

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