10 thoughts on “Did you know that the SSPX was founded by the son of a MI5 Agent?”

  1. England just outlawed transgender surgery. One brick in an anti God world has fallen ot of a building in their country. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!

    After Traditionis Custodes was published I fell into the error of thinking that without the threat posed by the SSPX to Catholic bishops, the Tridentine mass would not exist in the Church. I even arranged an SSPX mass in my town (which by the grace of God was cancelled). Then I read many of your posts about the SSPX and I began to have doubts, but missed the knock out blow to be fully convinced that SSPX is a Gladio operation. This show did it.

    God Bless you!!!!!

  3. Giovanni, go back to the website, you will see a screenshot and PDF link for the book. It took a while to find the book thanks to the search results now hiding the truth.

    1. Yes, I downloaded the book onto my Kindle app, thank-you. I know about the Scottish Rites Freemasons, but having a handy text to reference is always good too.

  4. I recently watched a documentary on Arch. LeFebvre – a man of principle who accomplished so much good in the world, especially his missionary work in Africa and contesting the Council’s Modernism.
    His parents did something right with 5 of their 8 children becoming religious, like Therese of Lisieux’s saintly parents!
    Could you give us your sources?
    Bro? The Franciscan spiel is puzzling.

  5. Catholics of fervent and goodwill the world over are presently mourning the loss of Pope Benedict XVI.

    Don’t you think this angelic pope of all people would know whether the SSPX was legitimately Catholic or not? Worthy to be rescued from an unjust condemnation by his predecessor?
    If not, Pope Benedict never ever would have lifted the ban /excommunications on the Bishops.

    He said at the beginning of his pontificate that the SSPX was at the Heart of his pontificate as well. He obviously loved them dearly.
    How on earth can you sit down over an internet device and tell the world that by chance you found explosive evidence on Archbishop Lefebvre’s own father, then taint him as being of a notorious ilk with precarious assumptions so evil it is gravely sinful.
    Perhaps there should be an article on the sin of acedia after viewing this piece.
    The scary part about the whole video is the name BAALMAN on the site .

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