Europe: Gas Futures have fallen back to pre-War levels

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3 thoughts on “Europe: Gas Futures have fallen back to pre-War levels”

  1. What I see in this graph is , let’s say $10 mid 2020 to more tha $100 now. If you remove the outliers(speculation) the trend is strongly upward. Since almost everything we make uses a lot of energy, this will end up in the consumerprices.
    Governements will be happy to, through taxations on energy and VAT (which is blatant theft).
    Lies, bigger lies, statistics.

  2. @Marcel. The headline is to now to pre war which is around February 2022. The graph is hard to interpolate because it goes back to 2017. Although your statement is correct that if you go back to 2017 the rise is from about $10 to current near $100, the fact is that the headline is correct in that the prices have gone down close to the pre Ukraine invasion price which is between $80 to $95. Regardless, the people making money from the war are the manipulators behind the scene that profit from any war and from either side of the conflict.

  3. Other than admitting the need to help Christians, I am not able to see distinctions, or I need reminded regularly what they are because “European leadership” seems to do all it can to suppress its own people. If I understand your assertions, then the NWO/WEF is on both sides of the war, the CIA and KGB are cooperating in the genocide of Europeans in a myriad of ways and methods. Cooperation between a Russia and Germany, if Christian, would put an end to the deceiver peoples’, whose God’s are demons, aspirations, wouldn’t it? But they are not. This is very confusing because the leadership in all countries concerned seems to be united in a diabolically effeminate desire to destroy the traditional European peoples. And just as in WWII and the American Civil War, the objective seems to be to hoodwink European peoples to believe the enemy is extramural and not intramural. Why is it our identity, demographics, values, convictions and social stability get weakened with each prolonged “intervenrion”?
    Recent remarks of Dave Cullen a
    Seem noteworthy in this regard.
    “Lola Daviet should be as well known as Anne Frank, all over the world. Even 70 years from now.
    ” CDC to add COVID Injection to Vaccine Schedule for Children despite knowing about shocking 8x increase in Excess Deaths among Children across Europe since EMA approved Jab for Kids”
    “Make no mistake, this is just one step closer to Ireland’s neutrality being completely discarded and our young men being drafted into a war with Russia.”
    “The entire Ukraine narrative has been lies and propaganda from the beginning. Ukraine started this conflict in 2014 with the help of the EU and the US. Russia abstained for 8 years until its borders were threatened.”
    “Name a recent war when the Americans have been the righteous ones?
    Iraq 1
    Iraq 2
    They were all based on lies, Why is Ukraine any different?”

    My general question here is, the flags don’t matter do they? So why use them and their attending narratives if both are simply being instrumentalized to achieve the agreed upon goals of the” leadership” who has no use for flags other than hiding behind them and genociding those who identify with them?

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