Pfizer Executive admits 2019 goal was to reduce World Population by 50%

Note: He says, “reduce the number of people in the world — that cannot afford our medicines — by 50%”, to hide the real goal in plain site.

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6 thoughts on “Pfizer Executive admits 2019 goal was to reduce World Population by 50%”

  1. Wait a minute! He does as if people have to pay out of their own pockets but in fact the governments buy it in bulk and distribute it for free. So there is no reducing of amount of people who can’t afford the ‘medicine’ . What he said should be read as: we are planning to reduce the people ( who would’t be able to afford it – the price of one vaccin now being INcreased 350% to 130 euros – ) by 50%….

    1. You are decoding what he is saying. You have eliminated the obvious meaning as referring to making the DeathVaxx cheaper. There is then only one meaning left. Reducing the number of potential human beings.

      1. Precisely what UN Agendas 21 & 2030 both demand, as did the “late, lamented” (by some) Georgia guidestones. However 50 % is far short of the intended goal as stated in all 3 cited sources. The UN agendas allow for a residual total global population of 500 million souls (naturally to include all those élite fossils behind all this) while the guidestones only allowed for 300 million… out of the approximately 8 billions of us currently inhabiting our planet.

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