Council of Europe OK’s Genetic Modification of Children in the Womb

Editor’s Note: As I have been saying since Nov. 2020, we are gravely at fault if we do not politically oppose the pathologically sick psychopaths who are ruling over us. But no one listens to me. They neither form new political parties nor do they arrest the crooks. They only watch the downfall of human civilization on videos.

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5 thoughts on “Council of Europe OK’s Genetic Modification of Children in the Womb”

  1. It does not help get a response, when at the beginning you say your interlocutor is dishonest. So I won’t respond.

  2. TERRIFYING!!! God help us. Where are all the young people to fight this horror and the healthy Middle-Aged parents of young people? My God…Where have all the ‘Citizen Patriots’ gone?

  3. This year in New Zealand may be the last time that people can gather outside abortion facilities for the annual Unborn Remembrance Day because of a law that allows these places to apply for a 150 m exclusion zone that will criminalize peaceful pro-life vigils within that zone. Death and torture, like the world is turning into Mengele’s laboratory. There are a lot of brave people pushing back against the various globalist agendas here, but your observation is uncomfortable and true – it’s too easy to watch the carnage and lament, and not get involved on a practical, political level. Thank you for the challenge.

  4. Brother, you are right. But i think you mean new Catholic, parties, right? There are other new parties…

  5. Br Bugnolo, I don’t know what is going on in the EU other than what we hear in our news, not entirely reliable sources. Here, we have 2 full generations who have been poisoned by leftism (globalism)in our schools. They VOTE for this insanity, & don’t question the intentions, let alone vet the candidates. They are not old enough to remember the videos coming out of Mao’s China or the USSR, & don’t believe people fleeing such régimes. I rather suspect it’s not that different in the EU nations.

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