Fr. Matthew Schneider’s Never Ending lies to support the Scamdemic

Editor’s Note: After reading this article you will understand why search engines give Fr. Schneider’s hit piece on me at Patheos, a prominent position when ever anyone searches my name. We are on two different sides of an irreconcilable divide. And yes, I agree with the author above, who says, that this man is a habitual liar.

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One thought on “Fr. Matthew Schneider’s Never Ending lies to support the Scamdemic”

  1. Purveyors of the WHO’s & gov’ts’ position with respect to SARS-II (Covid-19) virus & the subsequent alleged “vaccines” are all lying about it, based on the evidence of the honest, repeatable science, as opposed to that for which the globalists have paid.
    Consider this: here in the US, our FDA, responsible to protect citizens from dangerous , or useless, drugs, simply accepts the test reports of the manufacturers, who, of course, have NO incentive to lie about adverse events or ineffectual drugs… until there is a “body count”. Only then do they run independent tests, or pull it off the market. That has, I know, been their methodology for over 50 yrs. If our FDA is doing that consistently, how many other, similar agencies around the world are also doing it? My bet is it would sicken us all to know…

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