It is the Ukrainians who are the true anti-Communists in the West

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5 thoughts on “It is the Ukrainians who are the true anti-Communists in the West”

  1. Just think, those erecting those statues were as the Antifa/BLM Militia DESTROYING Statues of GREAT AMERICANS. And, those destroying the statues of the Communist Occupiers are as those once considered GREAT AMERICANS. ODD!!! U.S. has everything and NO CLUE OF WHAT Authoritarianism is and there is seemingly tremendous desire to find out among the young.

  2. In my opinion, Ukraine is just another catalyst for greater control over humanity, in the example of the “pandemic”, used by the globalists. Coldly, I see this is where the Smartcitys begin. Everything will be controlled: your food, health, money, etc. It is not by chance that this war started in a region whose production of fertilizer and gas, for example, is abundant.

    1. I am continually amazed how the masons are taking over the world and how successful they are in convincing Catholics to blame the Christians in the Ukraine for it all. Its real MKUltra stuff…

      1. I wish it was just the Freemasons, but it’s not, & hasn’t been since the 1550s, when they united with the banking houses in Europe, primarily the Rothschilds, but others, as well, & the Jesuits. It’s the power of the triad group that is now controlling the world’s gov’t, via money at present, but close to assuming full political control as well, as the prophesied 1 world gov’t.

      2. The Freemasons did not exist in 1550. They were founded in 1717 in London. As for the Rothschilds, they did not exist by that name back then either. The power of the Jesuits is more mythical than real, and they certainly have no where as much as the former two, though the first has infiltrated them.

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