Puritans, Jansenists and the SSPX: In what ways are they similar and dissimilar?

In related news, about this group which loudly proclaims that Bergoglio is the Pope, and casts aspersions on the person of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. It all makes sense, when you know what they stand for and whom they stand behind:

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7 thoughts on “Puritans, Jansenists and the SSPX: In what ways are they similar and dissimilar?”

  1. One thing I have noticed is that the SSPX goes out of their way to attack Fr. Feeney and his followers. They still sell a book called “Is Feeneyism Catholic” at their publishing house. I am aware of a priest who defended the dogma “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” who was personally attacked from the pulpit by a Society priest. The priest who was attacked went to the SSPX superiors to ask for a retraction and was not given one.

    1. Father Feeney was long dead, I believe, before that book was published. But perhaps they did attack him before he died. The Gladio network hates Fr. Feeney for emphasizing that the Catholic Church is the ark of salvation. That goes against the 1953 US Dept of State program of ideological warfare against the Church, which aims to make Americanism appear to be the ark of salvation.

  2. May it be respectfully suggested that while, YES, SSPX has been seriously infiltrated and crippled — and may indeed have even been a Gladio operation — it is nevertheless distressing that the posts/programs on this site now seem to present nothing but negativity about SSPX. This is simply not fair, and something we have all come to expect from people like Voris or the dreadful “Conciliar Church.”

    Can it not be also said that SSPX has done a lot of good??? To deny this would be false. Yes, SSPX has (painfully) done many things in which it has not been true to its founder or his founding principles. And different global regions of SSPX activity seem to have different strengths and weaknesses.
    But please do not throw the baby out with the bath water!! Please at least acknowledge (even implicitly) more of the entire picture. Many of us have had wonderful contact/experiences with SSPX. Please do not allow criticisms to utterly dominate any presentation of SSPX without any acknowledgement of their good (past and present).

    By a sole focus on the negative, the good that SSPX has done and can do is unfairly nullified. And the enemies of the Church are working very hard to NULLIFY and OBLITERATE the SSPX, especially if there is any more cozying up to anti-pope Bergoglio.

    1. I am totally for the restoration of the Old Mass and the elimination of the Novus Ordo, don’t get me wrong. But I am also totally against cults and the interference in the Catholic Church by Gladio organizations.

    2. Okay, VIVE, We all want the Restoration Of The Latin Mass, the real Latin Mass Of Pope St. Pius V and his actual Missal, also the restoration of the Sarum Rite blessed by Blessed Pope Gregory VII and the removal of all fakers inside the clergy and fakers in the laity that is currently help keep the masonic evil status quo in the Church, when this cancer needs ripped from the Church.

  3. Why is it t that your podcast spreads confusion rather than clarity ? The original deception of the modernists was teach that the Latin Mass was not the original Mass.

    The suggestion of the use of the cast Andrew’s Missal is an excellent idea. There you will find the feast days , vigils and octaves.;

    A discussion of the Mass by Fr Hesse may be found at the following links:


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