UK: You will now be fined at Oxford, for leaving the city in your car

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3 thoughts on “UK: You will now be fined at Oxford, for leaving the city in your car”

  1. Considering the fact of the current Neo-Feudalism warfare based in British Imperialism/Colonialism BEGAN at Oxford among the POSH, spoiled Sociopathic Predators…Really not so surprising. The totalitarians are not so much a threat to any democracy as much as they threaten ‘The Constitution of the United States’ and other western nations. Since the UK doesn’t have a constitution to general knowledge, nothing of their Govt. is really threatened, it seems. Behind the scenes…It’s CLEAR the Royals are really the Absolute Power and their association with the Rothschilds is to ensure THIS FACT REMAINS regardless of appearances.

  2. “They spoil and harm, or why authority hate drivdrivers.” It’s in Polish, but describes the utter contempt of “the authorities”, their blatant hypocrisy, and contemptuous self-serving disregard for the public.

    The Rusdie story also addresses the themes if betrayal. The writer gives instructive examples of the pandering and fecklessness of western “elite”.

  3. Oxford is aiming to be California East, it appears; CA is floating a bill banning virtually ALL motor vehicles & tools, even those needed to accomplish necessary everyday tasks like repairing a bicycle, or cooking a meal, etc. Last year a group of psychiatrists unofficially diagnosed our society as having the same sort of mass formation psychosis as was seen in the USSR under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, & China under Mao; that was a global diagnosis. I believe we have settled now into just your “garden” variety of psychosis, as a global society. “Insane”, a legal term, implies inabilityto discern right from wrong, or appreciate the consequences of “bad” acts, doesn’t fit. Those in power KNOW what they’re doing is evil, & they’re choosing it by intention! I personally believe most will be surprised when their slaughter comes, as much as other such “useful idiots” have been in the past. Like their predecessors, these believe their efforts will be rewarded by wealth, power, or some such, more fools they… History repeatedly shows that to not be the case. Human nature hasn’t changed appreciably, in thousands of yrs, & neither has Satan’s nature; I see no sound reason to expect a different outcome this time… Scripture certainly offers no reason to expect such, & mowhere in Scripture have I seen an indication Satan has a propensity to “share” his power or position.

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