USA: Catholic Governor of Florida leads Trump by 6 points in poll

Editor’s Note: Now watch the MSM left and right turn on him with a vengeance. I predict he will be accused of being, 1) antisemitic, 2) a Nazi, 3) Fascist, 4) racist, 5) reckless, 6) corrupt, and if all else fails, 7) a pedophile. They will save the last charges for last, lest they ricochet upon themselves. Oh, and Trump will join in the attack.

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2 thoughts on “USA: Catholic Governor of Florida leads Trump by 6 points in poll”

  1. I hope you are wrong, but havent you pretty much implied no one advances in politics who is not a part of the freemasonic system already? Will there come – could there come – a point soon where we must begin to disregard claims to Catholicity of those who do not openly declare loyalty to BXVI? When does a manifest Apostasy or schism become formalized? How do we reconcile believing both that we are to presume good intention and that we are not to even think ill of others with accepting the reality of, what you term, “solidarity of dissent” and its attending issues?

  2. That’s not a “will be”, it’s been going on for months. My personal opinion, having known of Trump, & his family since we were both kids on the same island; his dad was in local politics as well as the social pages of the LI Press, the local newspaper at the time. I lived in AZ, when he helped then Gov Symington screw up the Arcosanti Mall project that no one in Phoenix wanted, & that landed Symington in prison, & was aware of the Atlantic City deals he did likewise, since then.
    That said, he did better than I dared hope for, but in September of ’20 the Lord let me know HE was removing Trump from office. Over the weeks to follow, He let me know why: Trump was placed in office for 1 purpose; to gather the religious leaders , & lead a national repentance, then revival, as we see in the OT numerous time. He tried, instead to do it in his own strength & wisdom, & failed.
    During his tenure, Trump did a number of things half way or just plain wrong, like the USMCA. He did some that were correct too, like the Iran deal he backed out of, which Iran never signed, & broke anyway, before the ink was dry.
    DeSantis has done more of what he said he would do, during his campaign, that Trump actually did, although Trump claims he did more of what he promised than he actually did. I will vote for DeSantis if he runs, although he keeps saying his plans are to remain in FL for the present. I will not vote for Trump unless there is no other viable option.

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