HONG KONG: Catholic Media Mogul ‘convicted’ of ‘fraud’ in a lease

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5 thoughts on “HONG KONG: Catholic Media Mogul ‘convicted’ of ‘fraud’ in a lease”

  1. What to do against a government that owns the judges and decides whats wrong or good?
    We see this happen everywhere in the world.

    1. 1. Read, remember, and popularize both Luke 12:32 and Ephesians 6:12, remembering to do your best and let God do the rest, as Brother and AJ do with their abilities.
      2. Proclaim B16 Pope.
      3. Affirm lies and facilitators merit consequences
      4. Being merciful, reasonable and prudent.
      5. Seize the moment now to join and promote Brother’s true, beautiful, and ontlogically superior alternative to twitter, get others to join, participate, and nevermiss a chance to shame brother for his false modesty🙂 in not promoting it more here in his videos and interviews. https://www.crossazure.net/

  2. These two merit popularization, along with Samuel Rushdie and BXVI. All stand for persecuted leadership in art, religion, and commerce and are universally regarded as heroic while conspicuosly out of the limelight.
    Omen est nomen?
    Lai=depend on; trust in; rely on
    Zen = meditation [roughly]

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