True Devotion to Christ the King will require radical renewal of Catholics’ Faith

Reprinted from May 2022

In this video, Brother Bugnolo talks about the profound diminution of the Catholic Faith which occurred as a result of the French Revolution, and how what is being presented to us in modern times, as the way back, is for the most part a pitiful characterization of the pre-Revolutionary Catholic Faith.

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19 thoughts on “True Devotion to Christ the King will require radical renewal of Catholics’ Faith”

  1. Not just Christ the King, but also his Mother, Mary, his Father, his Twinflame, Mary Magdalen, the Archangels, the Angels and all the Saints.
    Jesus said: ‘you will do the same things as I do and even greater things shall ye do………..

  2. Question. Jesus said “I am a King, but My Kingdom is not of this world”.

    To me that implies a monarchy in earthly terms. When Jesus returns to rule the earth, does that means that his mode of ruling is going to be a monarchy? I believe that anything is possible to God (and Jesus as the second person of the Trinity). So just wondering how the transition from the present forms of earthly governments.

    I always wonder if some current monarchy will be the predecessor of Jesus Kingdom on Earth, but most monarchies today are not worthy of leading humanity.

    1. When Christ comes again, He shall cast down the Antichrist and all his followers, and then He will order St. Michael to blow his trumpet and all men and women and children who have ever lived will rise from the dead and be summoned to the valley of Gihon where Christ shall judge the nations, with the 12 Apostles and Saints at His side. Those who have not yet died, are are faithful to Him, shall be transported through the air to the place of judgement, while His enemies shall be dragged there by the Holy Angels. And then He shall divide the nations to the right and left, and Hell shall open its mouth and the demons shall drag the damned to eternal punishment. And then the Lord Jesus will remake heaven and heart, and in the new heavens and earth, which will be nothing like this world, He shall reign with His elect for ever and ever in an eternal liturgy glorifying God the Father in the Holy Spirit.

      1. Dear br.Bugnolo. I have some money i want to save for me and the Holy Church ‘s priests where i live. Please led me know if it is advisable to save some gold instead cash because gold could be easily underated in the future by the globalists and even forbidden to possess as during communism regimes Is it better to save gold instead cash? Or what Kind of savings are better get? Please be so Kind to let me know because i really want to do this for me and the piccolo gregis. Kind regards and always with you in my prayers. And a big Thank You for your kind replies you always give in no time. Except i cannot Thank to your replies as i am forbidden to reply to replies. Bogdan

      2. Gold is presently falling in price, as Russia sells her reserves to import necessary war materials. So I do not advise buying gold now. Silver and Palladium are more stable. Since confiscation of precious metals is very cumbertime and time consuming I really doubt that the Globalists will attempt it, by itself. However, it could be that one day possessing it is illegal but I doubt it, since they themselves value it. However if you are going to use precious metals to buy necessaries you have to have them in sizes for commerce, that is in something less than $100 USD worth. For silver that is no problem. For precious metals like gold, palladium and platium you need to buy 1, 2, 5, or 10 g ingots which can only be had from specialty dealers, but which are very easy to hide. For now I would not recommend putting more than 10% of your cash assets in precious metals, and only up that if the move to cashless becomes more evident. once thy announce no cash, then move 66% at least to precious metals, since human nature being what it is, these will always have value.

  3. Will you please consider reposting these diagnostic/curative type videos systematically , on a weekly basis? It will increase content exposure and act as a permanent reinforcement to those of who have thicker skulls and need reminded if the value and urgency of “going across the horizon”

  4. Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ first cousin.She was the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea and her brother was Lazarus whom Jesus had just raised from the dead .Her other sister was St Martha. This truth has been obscured in the past century in order to control the lie that Magdalen and Jesus had a child who is the true bloodline of God via books like the Da Vinci Code etc.. There are old Catholic books which confirm these facts, but they are hard to find. One is called The Coming of the Saints by a distinguished British author whose name escapes me.

    1. Thanks Mary, I would like to read that book. I found a reprint on Amazon by John William Taylor. Also, can someone recommend a good book on the Crusades?

  5. This is an excellent video. I’m sure the French Revolution was a turning point in western culture and the influence of the church.

    It seems to me that another significant turning point was the invention of the motion picture, and then especially the television.

    Before that time, the various churches were the biggest influence on people’s attitudes and mores. Movies and TV programs began right away to subtly erode that influence. In the 70’s, the kid gloves came off and the process became more blunt and speeded up, until now a sizable percentage of the population is now in thrall to their technology, which promotes violence and perversion.

    Unless God sees fit to send a major CME to knock out all this technology, I fear for the future of the human race.

    We do need to make an effort to at least preserve a remnant who have been taught to seek Christ first. It’s very difficult when they are surrounded by this culture which seems to being growing more Godless by the day.

    I applaud anyone who is willing to make the effort.

  6. Br. Bugnolo-

    To your knowledge, has there been any time in the history of the Church when apostasy was as widespread as it is today?

    If the answer is yes, what did they do to come back from it?

      1. Perhaps sometime you can tell us some more about what brought about this crisis and how catholics got together to rebuild the Church. I’m assuming this was in a time when communication was more difficult.

        This sounds like a fascinating subject and perhaps useful in facing today’s crisis.

      2. I’m sorry. I had not yet clicked the link you gave when I posted my previous reply.

        Your article on the subject is comprehensive. I don’t agree with all Catholic doctrine, but I would like very much to see the restoration of the Catholic Church as it was when I was young.

        All Christians are under persecution now, though many in this country may be unaware of it. What weakens any of us weakens all of us. The corruption has often been gradual enough that young people don’t notice it, having not experienced what the church was like in decades past, how much power and authority have been lost.

        I hope there are enough fighters left in the Catholic Church to take it back.

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