USA: Christ is the only Hope left for America, and He needs YOU!

Unmasking the Masonic Deceptions of the Two Party System in the USA

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2 thoughts on “USA: Christ is the only Hope left for America, and He needs YOU!”

  1. Was the convert Thomas Merton a Catholic imposter to destroy the Church just like many other imposters at the Vatican II Council?

    The Vatican II Council was infested with converts who were Catholic imposters who went there and who came prepared to destroy the Traditional Latin Mass with the Montinian Paul VI Novus Ordo Mass, to erase the identity of the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” with Nostra Aetate, and to destroy and replace many Catholic dogmas and doctrines in the most subtle ways that could have been concocted only by the followers of Satan Lucifer the Devil from the bowels of Hell. The horrendous changes that Vatican II brought about could not be conceived by the average human mind and average human heart.

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