Archbishop Viganò denounces the Anti-Church installed since Vatican II

Editor’s Note: The Archbishop has nearly completed connecting all the dots. He has yet to say in public, however, the whole truth, that the anti-Church originates in a state intervention project run by the U.S. Department of Defense and is maintained through an extensive system of state sponsored bribery and threats.

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7 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò denounces the Anti-Church installed since Vatican II”

  1. Further:

    Here we go….

    Now we have a retired priest launching his book mentioning how he came out, about his sexuality and mocking the rosary!!!!

    Launching his book at a Catholic parish here in Sydney.

    They even invited many priests via email.

    How are they allowing such a thing on church grounds.

    Contact Sacred Heart Westmead tomorrow voicing your concerns on 02 9635 9262

    Here’s a YouTube clip promoting his book watch from 24 min mark and you will be in for a shock:

    We here trying to stop this rubbish in our schools and this church in Westmead has welcomed this guy in to promote his book.

    only difference is its in front of adults, the school of Rock was infront of 9 year olds!!

    If you’re not happy let them know peacefully or many are asking for a Rosary crusade!


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  2. Archbishop Viganò did not everything right in his life, just like most of us, but what he did right was exhorting us to use and recite the judgement and defense prayer to Archangel Michael,
    as he did on Easter Saturday ’20.
    The Russian communists asked the Church of Rome in the sixties to abolish this important prayer, because they feared it.
    And cowardly it was done…………
    This shows undeniably that prayer is not an empty moving your lips, but that is has POWER: the Power of the Spoken Word and that with words, if rightly used, one can move mountains.
    Words should be used carefully and constructively:
    with words one can make or break a man, a woman, a child.

  3. Hello Brother,

    What happens to priests that still professes for the antipope and uses as an excuse the addendum at the end of the Canon Law that the Canon Law can be changed to “save souls”?

    Should I warn that priest seventy times seven? ( I get to meet him often ).

    1. Yes, canon law can be changed to save souls, but you will not save your soul if you pretend it was changed when it was not changed.

  4. Abp Vigano’s writings & interviews are always erudite and very worthy of our attention. But, whilst constantly critical of Bergoglio and his minions in the hierarchy, I do not think that the Archbishop has yet pronounced in public that the Church is currently ‘headed’ by a heretical antipope. This is an error he must surely address, very soon, in addition to the omission that Brother Alexis rightly mentions. However, it is indeed good to read a thorough critique of the disastrous Vatican II. This essay is also now on The Remnant website where one commenter referred to the Council as “a Trojan Horse with license to park inside the walls of the Catholic Church. Roncalli gave the license to park, Montini fed the horse, Bergoglio is in the business of horse breeding…” – which would be funny if it was’nt so sadly accurate! Pax vobiscum.

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