AUSTRALIA: Bergoglian Archbishop of Syndey expels Catholics from Church property

The reason for the expulsion is that these Catholics are protesting the promotion of sodomy in Archdiocesan schools. And the Archbishop will not tolerate them!

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5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Bergoglian Archbishop of Syndey expels Catholics from Church property”

  1. And the new twitterboss, Musk, has expelled the previous board of directors from twitter: one on them was even physically removed from the building.
    Musk will reverse all permanent bans and want twitter to be
    a thing of freedom of speech.
    Hopefully it (finally) will be.
    Btw: here twitter was and never will be used, for technical reasons………..

    1. I’ m not sure I see a connection here… What Musk did was not a sin, nor is it in support of sinful practices, per se. It was an act against the repeated commission of bearing false witness, in that he’s stopping the sole promulgation of lies, which has been a driving practice of social media in general, but other than that, he hasn’t yet specified what his plans are.
      How does that relate to the teaching of sin practices to children, whichthis Archbishop appears to be defending, in violation of Catholic doctrine & catechism? The 2 are not the same at all.

  2. God is not mocked. The cup of wickedness is overflowing.
    “The Warning” is not far away: there are some hints it will happen after the close of the Sophomoric Synod.

  3. And just seen in in Italy the new PM has raised to 10.000.- (from 2000,- euro’s) the amount of cash one can have.
    The weffers are NOT AMUSED by that.

    She wanted to strengthen the right on cash.
    Hopefully this is just a first step in the right direction………….
    Cash is freedom………..

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