Dr. Robert Malone holds that it was very bad judgment, not intentional Genocide

Editor’s Note: For the sake of open discussion, I post this long article by Dr. Robert Malone, who has a lot of inside knowledge about how the DeathVaxxes were ideated, developed, purposed etc.. What I find not credible in this account, is the apparent attempt to admit everything in the narrative but that the DeathVaxx was a bio-weapon intended to genocide humanity. But perhaps that is a level of knowledge which can only be obtained through inferential analysis and reading other sources to which Dr. Malone is not personally able to testify. — As someone who has studied ethics and moral philosophy, I can assure you that beyond a certain level of ignorance, one not only has to presume malice of aforethought, but it could not otherwise exist but by malice of aforethought.

Anyhow, it appears there is a lot of information in this article, and it’s worth a read.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Malone holds that it was very bad judgment, not intentional Genocide”

  1. When read earlier today…Wondered the same thing addressed here. After analysis of the available data concerning Dr. Malone’s life; which is not voluminous, reached the conclusion that he’s only capable of so much ‘cognitive dissonance’ at a given time. As a past Democrat, he’s arrived at a startling level of social comprehension addressing reality in the few short years of waking to the facts of our existence in this country in relationship to the greater world and the evil inherent to it all.
    The reality is that the human organism is only capable of so much growth at a given time and pushing can and does result in breakdowns as he’s suffered several years ago due to pressure in a Professional Lab situation. In my career, it was a simple matter to note that most of the time, God doesn’t even PUSH beyond a soul’s ability to confront itself or the reality of the world dependent upon spiritual maturity in Him. Also factual is to note that God also doesn’t like it when we place ourselves into situations like UNETHICAL/IMMORAL WARS where we must confront evil and are challenged to refuse evil ourselves as it can be very seductive in its promise of emotional protection that’s really a TRAP. Dr. Malone has come quite a distance from where he was up until just a few short years ago. While it is agreeable to note the possibility of his words being of wrongful naivete, intentional ignorance, propaganda, rhetoric or whatever…It seem important to recognize the distance he has come in his journey. It’s also still possible he could be ‘Controlled Opposition’ placed to manipulate ‘The People’. There’s not quite enough info to know at this time. We need to pray for people like Dr. Malone and the other Doctors standing in opposition to the Medical Complex built by Satanic Gates/Fauci…At least in appearance at this time.

    1. There is 1 other posibility. Remember the Manhattan Project? Our gov’t has long been gifted at getting evil projects developed by people who truly do not know what it is their work is to bea part ofaccomplishing overall. “Need to know” often limits the knowledge of participants, until the project is a “done deal”, & it is possible Malone didn’t know, all those yrs ago, when he was developing the technique to keep our bodies from rejecting those spike proteins, the long term intention for its use. Keep in mind, the “vaccine” was patented a full decade before the supposed SARS-II “virus”, itself was, by the same patent clerk. Malone was working in a time when most still believed vaccines were a good thing, before the connections to autism , & other questions really began to arise about their safety.

  2. Well, Dr. Robert Malone claims that He was injected
    with the mRNA pseudo-vaccine, and that after that
    injection He was almost dying.

    Seems a scientific “conversion in the road to Damascus”.

    He stated that NO ONE SHOULD receive the mRNA “vax”
    before being 50 years old.
    If we compare Him to the DEMONS that want to inject
    mRNA to people under-age, and even children… that
    induces the production of the TRIMERIC SPIKE* in almost
    all human cells… a protein that breaks apart, leaving a subunit
    that acts like the protein GP-120 of HIV AIDS; and other
    subunits that go inside the nucleous, interfering with DNA
    repair, then We can conclude He is ALMOST A SAINT.

    He paid His errors with His own health.
    He is a very useful insider in that evil world.

  3. Robert Malone, patentholder of the mRNA technique: ‘we made a terrible mistake’ Don’t take this vaccine!

    By now were read many things about this man like:
    that he works/worked for the cia
    that financially he is very well off

    As for now: mixed feelings about him.

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