Dr. Yuval Harari: The Globalist Elite are working to save themselves, but let the world drown

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Yuval Harari: The Globalist Elite are working to save themselves, but let the world drown”

  1. Fail to comprehend how this babble of Harari’s is any more informative and concise in defining the motives and agenda of the Philanthropathic Predators than anything he’s mumbled before. Of course, they’re allowing the population to DROWN from THEIR SABOTAGE AND MANIPULATION OF CRISES AND CHAOS AS USUAL. Can imagine the rapacious Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Finks, Farrars, Gates, Soros and all the prostitute politician kiddies laughing uproariously to watch EU, and U.S. on the precipice of collapse with the dirth of energy bringing suffering, misery and death along with a highly probable attack by the CCP/China onto Taiwan. THEY KNOW they must ACT before the new Congress is placed to address the deliberate incompetence of the White House decisions creating the Energy Crisis and other issues hollowing-out the west/U.S. while STRENGTHENING the ENEMIES OF THE WEST/US.

    Both Russia and China invested heavily in the Fraud/Cheat election to remove ‘Crazy Trump’ from the Oval and doubt the CCP to pass on the opportunity to war and win against the west/U.S. as is POSSIBLE with the intentionally PLANNED weakness.

    The elites have been that Sociopathic Predators feeding upon what they view as THEIR ‘Human Herd’ since they were the Kings, Queens, Aristocracy and Crooked Clerics ENSLAVING the peasants/serfs up to a few centuries ago, huh. This time, the population just may take THEM DOWN THE TUBES SO WHATEVER DOES SURVIVE WILL NEVER HAVE THE ARROGANCE TO SINK TO THEIR CURRENT DEPTHS OF IDOLATRY EVER AGAIN…Or, for at least another century. Can NEVER discount the demonic as it’s to exist until God’s Plan is as God implements and allows to happen.

    They may be into all their ‘Child Torture and Sacrificial Murder’ amusements to derive sexual gratification and joy…As well as Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Gambling and other blackmail and ‘Power/Control Addictions’ along with TREASON against nations and other CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…But, humanity has risen and isn’t as STUPID to their games and sin. Children don’t yet know how to fight and the population IS NOT ALL CHILDREN. Some of God are more than willing to fight and die to protect the children and Grandchildren’s lives with the future. Such people fighting for survival are capable of more cruelty and torture than any of the Freaks this ‘Numb Skull Satanic Freak’ flies with.

    If this propaganda is meant to give an impression of the diabolical hoard he hangs with backing away from their sabotage bringing Global Ownership and SLAVERY to the world…We know better. The ‘Human Herd’ KNOWS the rapacious don’t give-up so easily. Look how long the Brits have PURSUED the U.S. after losing militarily several times…THEY ARE RELENTLESS UNTIL SOUNDLY BEATEN.

    NOBODY WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING THE Vangards, Blackrocks, State Street and Bank in Basel has to say. The Sociopaths BEGAN THE FIGHT…And, there are those in the world who will make certain THEY DON’T WIN AND THERE IS HELL TO PAY. Unlike the Nuremberg Tribunals…ALL GUILTY TO BE FOUND WILL PAY EQUALLY UNTIL ALL ARE DEAD AND GONE TO HELL WHERE THEY WILL NO DOUBT FEEL AS THOUGH TO BELONG IN THE FIRE. For the evil; hell is heaven or so it’s said.

  2. Hara(ki)ri is one on the many fallen ones who are on a list of individuals here for the final physical Judgment by Archangel Michael.
    Wishing I had the time to say that prayer and the list every day, like before, unfortunately I have to deal with a lot of legal fights thanks to a particularly corrupt city and court in comparison withother cities in this country** which rob me of my time, mony and energy: this hatred is unbearable.
    And if you ever would be dealing with a legal case in Germany:
    never take a lawyer from the same state as where the court is:
    they usually are put under pressure by the judges, are afraid of them, betray the interests of their clients, say nothing in court out of fear for the judge. They are usually just coward slaves of a judge.

    ** This was mentioned by a regional judicial firm who has to deal with this city and court regularly: being a foreigner to this country, I felt strengthened by that message: it supports my own findings.
    And early last year the police here fined me for not wearing my silk scarf, used as a mask, correctly: over mouth AND nose.
    The same happened to a man whose nosepoint was naked!

    Good to read in this context about the confession by deborah birx in her book: fauci and I made up all these rules……. and I lied to President Trump!

    Yesterday in Natural News: a Staten Island SCjudge banned
    the NYC vaccine mandate: it is about compliance, not about
    public health.
    Or: it is about compliance, not about science…….

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