Elon Musk sacks Hindu Head of Censorship at Twitter

This was part of a top management sacking…..

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9 thoughts on “Elon Musk sacks Hindu Head of Censorship at Twitter”

  1. Wish Musk was a reason to celebrate. While he is somewhat amusing, his views on Transhumanistic Experimentation and Practice indicate he’s as loony as a tune and just ‘Controlled Opposition’ of the Neo-Feudalists he seems to wish to appear to have defected from.
    The charade of the propaganda instruments is wide and deep…There’s no trusting anybody and sadly, this includes the Church with its wacky Humanist/Modernist hierarchy siding with Satan instead of God.

    1. That is in part true. But with more freedom of expression the warriors of the Gospel have a better tactical opportunity, which is not to be missed.

  2. Musk is an autistic engineer with a problem-solving mentality. He follows some, but not all of the popular narrative; e.g., he thinks the world needs more babies, not depopulation programs. Like Trump, he’s an unpredictable disrupter, which in a “controlled” society, worries the NWO, which is good.
    He understands cars and rockets, –but I fear that like Trump he will be outfoxed by woke technicians skilled at making algorithms to manipulate communications.
    I wish him well, and hope that he doesn’t lose his shirt; Twitter has always had problems being profitable.

    1. Musk has said he is using Twitter to develop his AI… he will be able to create artificial personalities almost exactly like their real counterparts. What if this then is used for malevolent purposes either by him or someone else. The opportunity for multiplying lies is endless. It feels like when Putin simply brings up the use of nuclear weapons…… such a bad idea just to think about it.

      Also, what kind of man has 5 wives and 10 kids over 20 years???

      1. The late Jerry Lee Lewis got married SEVEN TIMES and there is an actress (name not present now) who got married 8 times I believe…………

  3. This is a “mixed bag”, to be sure. However, I agree that if he truly does curb the censoring of conservative, & especially Christian, voices some good will come of it.

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