Former White House Spokeswoman denounced by own 4 year old

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8 thoughts on “Former White House Spokeswoman denounced by own 4 year old”

  1. Hes repeating something he heard from somebody else…I hate to hear that any child at aged 4 could say that of his mother.

  2. Kayleigh McEnany: White —> conquest: (Trump? Or the Vax?)
    Psaky: Red —-> (war: with Russia)
    Karine Jean-Pierre: Black—-> Famine (the destruction of several food process factories or maybe related with Ukraine too.)

    Next one has to be pale: maybe when the Vax poison kicks in.

    1. Interesting comparison, although livid is a better translation of #4, than pale. However, none of those horses has yet been unleashed. When they are, the saints (Church) will already be present with our Lord, to withess the opening of that scroll which unleashes them, in person, according to Revelation & other prophecies.

      1. It is probably just a mockery of revelation. Because they know that they are the ones making the destruction.

  3. Mommy, do your trick!
    —What trick, dear? I don’t know any tricks!
    Grandma says you drink like a fish! 😁

    Truth comes from innocent souls.

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