11 thoughts on “Meme of the Week: Ayn Rand, “The ultimate inversion””

  1. But as many commentators tell me, “No! Br. Bugnolo, you are unrealistic, when you propose we arrest these criminals….”

    1. Tell me SPECIFICALLY how to arrest these criminals. There’s nobody in my neighbourhood willing to start a new political party, nor able to afford catching a train to London to peacefully demonstrate for arresting criminals whose identity and location I don’t know.

      1. If you do not know how to do it, there is no use but only risk in me telling you. When it happens support it. Before it happens advocate it. But leave it to the military train men to do it.

    2. Don’t know the other commentators. Certainly NOT I. You’re right on TARGET. 🎯 The more ground ‘EVIL’ is allowed to take, the more it will take and the more misery, suffering and death is necessary to TAKE THAT GROUND BACK…If it’s still possible with the grace of God. It’s common knowledge of humans dying as a result of exorcism when the level of demonization is extreme. So it is in SOCIETY as well and it’s uncertain if the U.S. can survive given the level of evil afflicting the Country right now. Guess Humanity hasn’t yet learned to act wisely when BOUNDARIES ARE CROSSED AT THE BEGINNING. The good parent begins to discipline the child gently and firmly when still VERY SMALL and boundaries aren’t so questionable. THAT is the wise and prudent path to deal with others in relationships of all kinds…Including, those of the Sociopathic Predators. By the way…In working with what is professionally diagnosed ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’; There were only so many capable of maintaining correct boundaries with them as they are as the Democrats and Elites PUSHING BOUNDARIES EVERY MOMENT, LYING, CHEATING, MANIPULATING, attempting SUICIDE and SELF ABUSE/CUTTING, etc. Axis II Diagnosis is actually about intensification of Satanic Oppression to actual demonization. Supervised the Team for 11 years. There are only two possible resolutions to deal with the current situation. 1) Pursue, Indict, Try and Punish. 2) Grant Asylum for 3 months during which the treasonous/seditious may turn themselves into authorities now purged or terminated due to loyalty to ‘The Constitution’, Country and Citizens of the U.S. Begin with the KNOWN criminals for interrogation and begin to pursue those exposed. They either choose prison or deportation to the country of their choice. After the 3 mth grace period of asylum…Those TREASONOUS/SEDITIOUS found are automatically tried and imprisoned or executed contingent upon level of infraction. You’re NOT unrealistic. You’re WISE and PRUDENT and of ‘The Bible’ as it advises according the The Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    3. It is easy to arrest these corrupt governors when God gives us a sign, e.g. God sends earthquakes to their areas so that even their paid police cannot reach them.

      God might have been sending these calamities so that we can follow the angel’s guidance and subdue these unholy slaves of the devil.

    4. Really? And why should we NOT do so? I understand God establishes gov’t, but I also know He expects us to stand strong against on-going sin behavior, to call it what it is, and to not participate in it. That would include those in leadership position, who drag us into theirsins by virtue of their positions. “Fear” certainly is not a valid excuse for Christians…

  2. This meme reminds me of our Prime Minister of Canada Justine Castro Trudeau. In fact he does what it suggests.

  3. The moment you see Chinese patrols over your town, your leaders have already sold off your section to China.

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